Edgeless casino’s Bankroll Staking opens up a nifty way to earn rewards from the casino without wagering in games.

Edgeless — lauded as the first ever decentralized blockchain casino — has recently launched Bankroll Staking with a grand reward of 40%. While Staking is not new to those who frequent the Edgeless casino, participants can now get up to 40% of a staking round’s winnings proportional to their contribution. 

The concept of Bankroll Staking might be uncharted territory for newcomers to the casino, but becoming a staker sounds pretty familiar. Participants register their account and decide how many EDG tokens they want to enter in an upcoming staking round. Each staking round lasts 5 days during which the pool of staked tokens is used as a bankroll in various casino games. Every user can stake from 1,000 to 50,000 EDG tokens in one round. When the period ends, participants get back the tokens they have staked, plus  the 40% reward. They can then decide whether to withdraw the tokens or participate in another staking round. 

It sure smells like easy money, but what’s in it for Edgeless casino? Edgeless players base and betting limits are increasing, which calls for a larger total bankroll to sustain the growth of the entire system. Because there is a limited amount of EDG tokens, it is not possible to create new tokens.  Bankroll Staking offers a way to ensure that the Edgeless bankroll is always sufficient. Edgeless Staking is the mechanism that enables the community to support the growth of the bankroll or, in other words — crowdfund it. 

Utilizing blockchain smart-contract technology, the Bankroll Staking feature boasts full transparency, giving stakers complete access to view the bankroll size, it’s growth, and deposits and withdrawals made by participants. 

People who would like to participate in Edgeless bankroll staking need to register and complete the Know Your Customer process. Due to uncertainty in the US and UK regarding the regulation of tokens, US and UK citizens cannot participate in staking.

Visit Edgeless staking: staking.edgelessgroup.io


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