Donald Trump, Justin Bieber, and Kevin Hart believe in the crypto future

From politicians to comedians, to pop stars, the world’s famous people are holding into cryptocurrencies as part of their investment portfolio – or is it a whim?

Almost 20 years after Bitcoin was first introduced, the ranks of famous people who have closed around the cryptocurrency have only swelled. Politicians, professional athletes, comedians, and pop stars, all seem to have a soft spot for cryptocurrencies and have embraced them if not openly, then at least in a consistently loyalist fashion.

Various media reports have trickled in, pinpointing the crypto holdings of different celebrities, including the former president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, who has more than $7 million in different cryptocurrencies. He seems to be most keen on his $MAGA (Trump) coin, which accounts for 65% of his portfolio as a token of confidence in the cryptocurrency.

Yet, Trump has not himself invested in cryptocurrencies that actively. He mostly holds onto what supporters have forwarded him as he has habitually cried out to supporters to offer financial funding to fight back a number of legal charges against him. Trump, though, did not miss out on promoting himself as a forward-thinking President who, if reelected, would make sure that the crypto industry gets the right treatment.

Although Democrats have been hawkish on crypto, there has been much progress of late, with lawmakers, including Democrats, backing a crypto bill, and SEC acquiescing to the general idea of an Ethereum ETF.

In the meantime, other people, outside of politics, have also been amassing cryptocurrencies. Justin Bieber and Neymar Jr., a pop singer and a soccer whiz, have been buying out crypto at a modest but sustained pace. Bieber’s crypto holdings are said to be worth north of $560,000 and Neymar Jr. is only a fiddler as of right now, with $66,000 worth of digital assets.

Yet, there are others. Kevin Hart is said to hold $50,000 of digital cryptocurrency, and Jimmy Fallon is said to be sitting on top of $140,000. NFTs have been largely avoided at least for now, as the non-fungible tokens proved to be a fiasco even by crypto investors’ standards.

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