Dogecoin founder refuses $14m offer from knockoff project

Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus is said to have rejected a $14m offer to promote a rival project, Dogechain.

Dogecoin rose to popularity back in 2020 and 2021 when Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk began posting jocose remarks on Twitter about the cryptocurrency, rhetorically asking his millions of followers “who let the DOGE out?”

These tweets were interpreted as a form of soft endorsement, pushing the value of the coin up, and making some people very rich along the way.

However, Marcus has been a cautious pessimist about the potential of the project. Understandably, projects used this surge in popularity to try and develop similar propositions that reminded of the originals in name and somewhat execution.

Despite restarted efforts to develop the blockchain on which Dogecoin is based, and the project itself, Marcus has warned that DOGE was started as a mockery of the cryptocurrency sector and his skepticism has persisted.

Marcus may be a crypto and even Dogecoin skeptic, but he seems to have remained loyal to the Dogecoin community.

In a tweet, responding to another user who praised the co-founder for his loyalty to the project, Marcus said that money-driven influencers are to be expected but he said that it will ultimately come to people’s choice. “Protecting the community”, he suggested, is not on the cards.

Marcus went on to elaborate: “I personally don’t think we can protect “the community” from anything since people are free to make their own decisions, and the huge majority of people in crypto couldn’t care less about anything but making money all you’ll see are things repeat themselves forever.”

This leaves the question whether Dogechain is a better project? According to team DOGE, Dogechain is anything but, with the developers describing it as a “knockoff token”.

Marcus is still playing for team DOGE, and he will be around to help protect the community and its investors, no matter how big the next offer is.

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