Dogecoin founder criticizes Mozilla for listening to critics

Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus has criticized Mozilla for pausing its crypto donations, citing environmental concerns.

The non-profit foundation behind one of the world’s most popular browsers, Mozilla, was attacked by its co-founder Jamie Zawinski who has not been with the company since 1999.

According to Markus, Mozilla made the wrong decision. “Thank you for succumbing to an ignorant, reactionary internet mob”, he stated in a sharp tweet tagging Mozilla online.

His tweet added that the environmental cost of the traditional banking system was far greater and created disproportionately bigger problem than bringing money online.

He then pointed out that even social media generated an environmental footprint with every message:

While Markus’ anger is understandable, the internet mob may not be entirely in the wrong.

Environmental concerns have been raised by numerous observers. Bitcoin (BTC) is already using up as much electricity as it would be needed to power Argentina for an entire year, and the shift away from cheap fossil energy in favor of renewables has been a hot topic in the crypto community.

The main argument against cryptocurrencies is mostly directed at those that require a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus, which is the most energy-intense option for the environment. BTC’s exact consumption is currently pinpointed at 120 terawatt-hours of energy per hour, too.

Meanwhile, only 39% of that energy comes from renewables based on a recent Cambridge University study. As a result, cryptocurrencies still carry a big share of the blame when it comes to the carbon they emit into the atmosphere.

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