DogeBets: The future of gaming?

Crypto Gambling News talks to the peer-to-peer wagering platform about the game, plans for the future and how it competes with traditional casinos.

Please could you introduce DogeBets to our readers? How has the project reached this stage, and what sets it apart from the competition? is a peer-to-peer wagering dapp on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and most recently DogeChain. The core focus for the project is fair, accurate price prediction gaming.

Simple rules to play! Will the price of Binance Coin (BNB) go up or down over the next five minutes? Wager BNB to win more BNB or WDoge to win more WDoge. Players that choose correctly get to claim their prize at the end of the round. What sets DogeBets apart from other predictions projects is the team’s sensitivity to the genuine feedback from our players.

DogeBets has been a community centered project from the beginning. As such, our community has taken a very active and natural role in developing DogeBets from the ground up. Be it from the technical side or cosmetic side, they have shared their viewpoints all along the way. As a result of this level of community engagement, constant innovation and tweaking of the interface to provide a more seamless and enjoyable dapp user experience has been at the forefront of DogeBets’ development process.

It has always been the commitment of the devs to return a better than before product into the hands of our loyal users when they encounter quirks and issues. This is the defining factor that sets DogeBets apart from others. A real live and attentive crew of individuals that recognize that transparency and delivery on promises is just as important, if not more-so, than the product itself. In essence, we care passionately about our people and product and that is the difference maker that we bring to our predictions betting platform.

You accept on-chain wagers on both BNB and DogeChain. What is proving more popular and do you plan to add other chains?

DogeBets has always had it in mind to expand to other chains. We finally settled on our namesake chain as a first step toward that mission. At present state, the DogeChain platform is still in a test/beta state. So, we point to the more stable BSC as our landmark chain that will define the stability of all of the rest, as they are added over time.

The safety of our player’s wagers are our utmost concern. We are a non-custodial platform, so all wagers are locked into a smart contract at the moment of betting, providing lack of tampering, and removing DogeBets from acting as an even temporary steward of our player’s wagered BNB. The DogeBets contracts have also been fully audited by

Tell us about the DogeBets community, and how you engage with new members?

Our community, as described before, is comprised of many incredible personalities that all have been drawn together under the common cause of learning how to better their skills in analysis of the trends in crypto. They are appreciative of the team’s mindfulness, transparency toward them, candidness and reliability in making good on promises made. We have recently opened up our Discord and are in the process of reaching out to potential new players to join the chat there. Telegram is still primarily where we share most content and updates.But we are fast developing our digital footprint onto other social platforms and are excited to see the growth take place over time.

Any plans on expanding the product in the coming months?

We have several initiatives in their infant stages of development. Primarily our focus will be on rolling out new features that are unique to predictions betting, highlighting our differentiated gameplay as a fundamental reason for seasoned players to consider playing on our platform as opposed to the other clones out there.

We have heard the community ask for more of a P2P feel in the gameplay. And so we plan to deliver on this ask without impacting the core simplicity of the existing experience, providing a fresh feel in the gameplay without altering the fundamentals of what makes predictions betting so enjoyable for our current group of users. We will likewise continue to improve the user interface on the site and overall experience for both veterans of the platform and newer prospective players who may not have ever interacted with a betting platform of this kind before.

Our goal is to make it user friendly enough that a complete novice crypto user can navigate it without issue. Removing the barrier of entry for this new class of players is another core focus in future developments.

Can you share any data to highlight the growth of DogeBets?

All of our statistics are visible and trackable on and under these links:

To give some perspective on our growth, we have been live since the start of the year and began our pools with as little as three BNB in them as liquidity. At present our pools run upwards of 20 BNB.

Granted much of this liquidity is still supplied directly by the house to incentivize others to bet in the rounds, but our hope is that the rolled out P2P version may help encourage true peer-to-peer wagering and, with time and volume, remove the need for the house bets all together.

Why should casino players check out DogeBets over more traditional online casinos?

What is offered with DogeBets is a unique experience that is in synchronicity with the crypto market’s price fluctuations and volatility, in the macro. Most players that have had experience in this niche gambling market will admit that there is still an element of luck to the position whether it be up or down. But they would also equally share that they have learned how to spot the trends more accurately through various forms of technical analysis tools at their disposal giving them an edge in their wagering. So to say that it is fully 100% gambling is up to widespread debate, especially among those that are the true aficionados of the trade.

Anyone familiar with casino style gaming will find a familiar home with us at DogeBets. So, to anyone out there thinking of giving it a go, bring your A game and begin your journey toward true OG predictions betting status. We welcome you with open arms and we hope everyone has fun and plays responsibly. DogeBets… the future of predictions gaming has arrived.

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Written by David


David is co-founder of, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.

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