Doctors Without Borders Has Adopted Blockchain

Doctors Without Borders is a non-government international medical group that adheres to non-profit work in places of need. Its work is usually based in places of conflict or during epidemics. Its most recent focus has been bringing the Covid-19 vaccine to places and organizations of need. 

Healthcare is an incredible use case for blockchain technology. Blockchain brings a unique distributed ledger that can reduce overhead, waste, and fraud.

There are many blockchain companies looking to revolutionize the industry. Smart contracts cut out a lot of third parties involved in healthcare and can automate many processes which decreases administrative costs.

On Thursday, it was released that the company Transcrypts had partnered with Doctors Without Borders to bring immunization records onto the blockchain.

Most of the blockchain records for immunization so far have been Covid-19 related, focussing on the covid-19 vaccine. However, the company stated they wish to put all medical records onto the blockchain. This would help several developing nations and countries that struggle with healthcare.

It has been shown that one of the biggest issues in these countries is the loss of medical records. Many deaths could have been prevented if physicians had access to previous medical information.

These countries with poorer health care typically use paper records that are lost or cannot be transferred to different hospitals or specialists.

Having healthcare records on the blockchain will allow any physician to access previous patient records. This is vital for developing countries.

Medical records on the blockchain are not HIPAA compliant as they allow public access to such private information. This, in turn, means that services cannot be provided in places such as the US.

There are some healthcare blockchain companies that are running in the US, but they use a combination of public and private blockchains, which is acceptable. 

Healthcare on the blockchain is an incredible use case that can save the industry from its bloated administration costs. Many countries are already looking into how to safely adopt the technology while staying on the right side of compliance and regulations.

Successful adoption of blockchain technology could bring trillions of dollars into the industry.

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Written by Isabella Aslam


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