Divvy.Bet founder addresses future plans in Reddit AMA

Divvy.bet is integrating a fiat onramp

On May 20, 2024, Divvy.bet's founder, Loso, engaged in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with the r/JupiterExchange community. The AMA provided insights into Divvy.bet’s operations, upcoming features, and plans for user expansion and platform security.

Divvy.bet, a blockchain-based betting platform, allows users to place sports bets directly from their crypto wallets without the need for sign-ups or pre-funding. The platform has processed over $5.25m in betting volume across 38,000 wagers. Their upcoming token aims to enhance user participation by enabling liquidity contributions and governance involvement.

During the AMA, Loso detailed Divvy.bet’s strategy to expand its user base, particularly focusing on those unfamiliar with Solana or blockchain technology. The company plans to introduce a fiat onramp, simplifying the process for new users to set up wallets and purchase crypto.

Additionally, Divvy.bet will produce educational materials to guide newcomers through wallet creation, fund security, and using decentralized applications (dapps).

Security was a key concern addressed during the AMA. Loso emphasized that Divvy.bet underwent an audit by sec3 before launching on the mainnet, which ensured that major vulnerabilities were covered. The platform operates within a secure infrastructure, with regular updates and multi-signature wallets for added protection.

Divvy.bet also plans to expand its betting options. Currently focused on sports betting, the platform aims to incorporate casino games such as blackjack and roulette. This expansion will involve integrating white-label providers and exploring unique, permissionless wagering experiences for users.

Regarding ethical betting practices, Loso mentioned that the platform imposes limits to prevent significant losses for both bettors and the house. Divvy.bet intends to provide resources for responsible betting and tools for self-exclusion to promote ethical gambling. The company is also exploring partnerships with responsible gaming organizations to support users with gambling addiction.

When asked about the token’s utility, Loso explained that the Divvy Token ($DVY) will serve several purposes within the ecosystem. Users can earn tokens through betting and liquidity provision, spend them on various platform features, and stake them to earn a share of the protocol’s profits and participate in governance.

The AMA highlighted Divvy.bet's innovative approach to betting, including plans to leverage NFTs and smart contracts to enhance user experience. The platform's goal is to offer a superior betting experience compared to traditional web2 platforms, empowering users to “be the house.”

In conclusion, Divvy.bet is poised for significant growth, focusing on user expansion, security, ethical practices, and innovative features.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

Silvia has explored various forms of writing, ranging from content creation for social media to crafting movie scripts. Drawing on her experience as a journalist specializing in the gambling sector, she is currently investigating the impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain on traditional gambling and iGaming.

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