Derby Stars reaches trading volume of 122 ETH

Horse-racing throughout the year and a stable price floor – what more could a fan ask for?

-racing metaverse play-to-earn (P2E) game Derby Stars’ collection of horses has sold out and its trading volume has reached 122 Ethereum (ETH).

P2E games enable players to tokenize in-game items, rewards, currencies, and more, and turn them into NFTs.

Derby Stars offers its players the opportunity to breed and raise digital horses in the metaverse, and grant their horses abilities and skills to compete with other players.

The way players can earn money is by obtaining utility tokens ($CRT) and governance tokens ($RUN).

This happens through a variety of in-game actions, such as monetization of horse training or breeding activities, obtaining foal NFTs through breeding, or even lending horses to players and share profits from their horses’ activities.

The world of P2E NFT games in the metaverse has a steady outlook for growth in the future and is currently somewhat resistant to the current operational climate.

This is evident in the fact that while token prices for leading blockchain games such as Axie Infinity are dropping, player metrics are surging, indicating continued interest in the games.

Some projections see the market ballooning to almost $3bn by 2028, with 2021 figures sitting around the $780m mark.

Derby Stars announced its latest trading volumes, and publicly ensured that its “steadily completing its roadmap objectives”, in spite of the ongoing crypto winter.

At the time of the announcement, the project’s price floor was at 0.14 ETH, with 122 ETH trading volume on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Being part of the Polygon NFT ecosystem, Derby Stars was one of the first P2E games to also have availability on the OnePlanet NFT marketplace.

Some of the first pre-sale that Derby Stars announced were through OnePlanet’s launchpad on Terra, with one of them setting a record back then for fastest sellout – one minute and 30 seconds. Derby Stars moved away from Terra’s ecosystem and is now migrated on the Polygon mainnet.

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Written by Kyamil Nasuf


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