DeFi’s value hits $9billion

DeFi solutions have soared, reaching $9.03billion in net value according to analysts. Several projects have driven the interest and core value of DeFi, including MakerDAO with $1.43b and Balancer with $1.36b.

Other successful projects include Curve Finance with $1.26b and with $953.6m. All in, DeFi has been able to create a range of excellent projects that have embraced and furthered the development of Decentralised Finance solutions.

DeFi solutions are not a surefire option for anyone looking into alternative finances, though. Community experts have said that DeFi projects would need to work on their security and ease of use before they can enjoy a bigger interest and more importantly – become part of mainstream finances.

Cryptocurrencies have also proved popular for users of online casinos. Companies such as, CasinoFair and FortuneJack have all contributed to the popularity of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream.

Yet, most industry observers expect USDT and DeFi to help blockchain and cryptocurrencies enter the mainstream in a more permanent capacity.

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Written by Tudor

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