Decentraland casino now hiring virtual avatars

Decentraland, a virtual world based on the blockchain experience, is now hiring player

This effectively means that the metaverse's casino wants to replace non-player characters (NPCs) with actual people whom the casino is going to employ.

All employees will get $500 in DAI or DG tokens, Decentraland's dedicated cryptocurrency, to keep player avatars involved and in the digital workforce.

This is an interesting example of how such digital metaverses can pave the way to future employment, even though Decentraland is probably far from offering worthwhile remuneration just yet.

The casino has already generated one million in MANA and DAI, according to Decentral Games founder Miles Anthony in an interview for CoinDesk.

The metaverse is already enjoying a fair bit of interest. The casino has hired 20 part-time greeters and a full time manager, Anthony confirmed.

The question is, can humans take over full-time from NPCs and be rewarded for their efforts? According to Decentral Games that is the idea.

“They’re not actually real people that you can converse with and socialize in general with, so I feel like it’s really important to have actual people,” argues Anthony.

The hosts have all sorts of responsibilities, but they are mostly focused on helping new players in Decentraland familiarize themselves with the casino user interface and become a part of the experience.

Crypto casinos are already extremely popular as it is, with brands such as Bitcasino, 1xBit and FortuneJack leading the way in terms of interest and engagement.

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