Peer-to-peer gaming platform has announced that it will launch a new esports platform that will allow users to bet on themselves in popular video games including Fortnite, DOTA 2 and Hearthstone.

The new P2P product launch is part of a strategic partnership with competitive gaming platform PlayVIG.

The platform – known as – will initially launch with four popular titles: Fortnite, PUBG, DOTA 2, and Hearthstone. said these four titles alone boast a combined 361m monthly users, and racked up a remarkable 2.63 billion viewing hours on Twitch in 2018.

As the platform grows, new titles will be added, with Apex: Legends likely to be one of the first additions.

In a statement on Medium, said: “By creating a platform that allows users to bet on their own gameplay, we will not only drastically increase our market exposure and growth potential as an organization, but we will provide our user-base with a way to monetize their skills and passion.”

The partnership with PlayVIG will see “work closely with them to drive their free-to-play users directly onto the platform”.

The new platform will use PlayVIG’s proprietary game tracking technology – known as the ‘virtual referee’ – to report the outcomes of matches.

The platform will also be advertised on PlayVIG, in a move said “will exponentially increase the awareness of and all of’s other products.”

No launch date was given for the new platform, although said further details would be released as it approaches testnet. The internal testnet for the product will launch by March 31, and will support web and mobile across Windows and Mac.

DBET tokens were up four percent on the news at time of writing to $0.045816 for a market cap of $8.6m.

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In a detailed blog post, FunFair discussed at length the challenges to onboard users to dApps.

“We can see plain as day where we lose people in the onboarding funnel, and much of the time it’s very early – at the start – the moment they’re asked to download a Web3 browser or wallet and to create an Ethereum account,” the team said in the post.

“We believe we could reach a lot more users for our dApp if there were far lower friction, no requirement to download or install anything new, and a UI that had a much more comfortable learning curve.”

To tackle the problem, the FunFair has spent almost a year building “an easy to use wallet that targets this significant onboarding friction”.

The result is the FunWallet, which FunFair says will run “in any web browser inside an iFrame, on any device, mobile or desktop, Safari or Chrome” and requires no plugin, download or install. In other words, users will be able to easily log into their FunWallet from their phone with an email and password.

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