Peer-to-peer gaming platform Decent.Bet will conclude its token swap process on May 20, the company said in a statement on medium.

In May of last year, Decent.Bet said it would be switching from its Ethereum-based, ERC-20 DBET token to a VIP-20 token on the VeChain blockchain. At the time Decent.Bet said the VeChain team had committed to “providing the tools, training, and support” for a seamless migration.

Since then, Decent.Bet has successfully launched on mainnet and entered into a partnership with PlayVig to roll-out a new esports platform.

And now the company has confirmed that it will end support for the token swap process on May 20.

Decent.Bet said the date was chosen to achieve the best mix of notice for users and the least amount of exposure the old v2 ERC-20 DBET tokens will have with existing and new products.

It added that users were advised to make the switch sooner rather than later.

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