Dao.Casino, a blockchain project focusing on gaming tech, has revealed its new name. Moving forward, the company will be known as daobet to better reflect on the development focus.

Elaborating on the decision in a comprehensive blog post, DAO explained that it wanted to assume a name that would help it better reflect the focus of the company. By picking DAOBet as its new identity, the company would be able to better communicate with the public and partners, the post read.

DAO remains committed to developing a unique and a ‘very special blockchain infrastructure.’ However, the company doesn’t want to be mistaken for a casino operator itself. In its essence, DAO is what we would describe as a vendor or supplier.

The EOS-compatible blockchain solution DAOBet will now be able to move forward and focus on developing decentralized gambling applications and specifically collaborate with companies and individuals who can provide stable code base for the development of such solutions.

DAO also hopes that the name change won’t be perceived as an attempt to write off any past transgressions. As per the official request, DAO has explained that by shifting from the term casino, it would in fact help the company to disassociate itself from undesirable references.

Ultimately, DAO seeks to achieve better brand recognition. Meanwhile, DAO continues to develop its offer on the EOS.io open-source DApp platforms. The use of this specific technology allows it to guarantee better transaction throughput and latency.

DAO understands that the shift would cause confusion, but the company considers the move necessary for prospecting new opportunities.


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