CS:GO coaches banned for cheating

The Esports Integrity Commission has suspended three coaches for promoting cheating and giving players information obtained illegally to give them an unfair advantage.

Specifically, the coaches of Heroic, MIBR, and Hard Legion, three fairly-well established gaming franchises, were exploiting a developer’s bug known as “coaching bug.”

With this bug, the coaches were able to spectate in a “free camera” mode allowing them to see the entire map, as well as every player’s position. The journey from there to tipping off the teams was short.

As a result of uncovering the abuse, all three teams had to return winnings amounting to around $11,000. All three bans were enforced on August 31 and they will vary from 6 months to 12 months to 24 months for the worst offender.

While the coaches fought ESIC’s investigation at first, the watchdog said it had irrefutable proof that the coaches were cheating. A ban in esports is still a new concept, but as the industry has become more formal, so to speak, finding work as a coach may now be more difficult if you are on the ESIC’s blacklist.

However, ESIC’s bans completely prohibit the coaches to participate or attend events as part of their teams in any capacity. The ESIC will now focus on investigating individual players and whether they knew that coaches had cheated to provide them valuable information in mid-game.

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