CryptoKitties Creates Value for Players

According to a report released by Flipside Crypto, CryptoKitties is the most generous blockchain-powered game, offering 75% of its entire revenue back to the player, or roughly some $20 million to date.

As such, the game is an example of how blockchain technology can create value not only for the companies developing the solutions based on the tech, but also the casual or dedicated users who participate.

CryptoKitties is a straightforward. You pick a favorite moggy and breed it. And the game has generated a massive following around the world with the total revenue since the game was released, reaching $27 million.

In contrast, other games cited by Flipside Crypto haven’t been as generous. For example, My Crypto Heroes only allocated back 7% of revenue to players.

Blockchain casino solutions have looked to the gaming space to improve their own content. Companies such as FunFair Technologies have been working on flexible solutions that have occasioned a strong growth and attracted a significant increase in daily active players.

FunFair’s proprietary software technology already powers several operators where you can find some premium blockchain titles. The casinos to not miss visiting include Casino Fair, Crypto Casino, and

While the model of CryptoKitties and igaming operators differs in its essence, blockchain has been instrumental for introducing new gaming experiences. Next on the crypto landscape are games that require some degree of skill, while leveraging blockchain tech.

While brick-and-mortar casinos have been a bit of laggards in adopting those solutions, Bitcoin casinos have already been adding cutting-edge products which players are increasingly moving towards.

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