FunFair-powered casinos, using FUN as a gambling token, go beyond all other casinos in giving players the ultimate fun and fair gaming experience. They feature unrivalled security, instant payouts and a rapidly increasing number of unique games. Not to mention some of the best crypto bonuses around. FunFair-powered casinos are leading the way in blockchain gaming.

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Why play at the best FUN casinos?

Casinos using FUN as its gambling token are all powered by the FunFair Technologies platform, a unique innovation in casino gaming that has returned the power to the player in every aspect of the gaming experience.

The platform delivers ultimate transparency, allowing you to verify every gaming event that occurs. No longer do you need to trust casinos are acting fairly while they use private servers. With FUN casinos you can go to the source code and check for yourself. This is enabled by a transparent random number generator, Guaranteed Fair game code and verifiable game logic run by blockchain smart contracts.

Your funds will never be more secure than at a FunFair casino either. With every game session requiring your potential winnings to be matched by the house, in-game, you know that the casino will payout every time. And with you keeping full custody of your crypto, you’ll never need to deposit and you’ll receive your winnings almost immediately.

Perhaps most importantly, FUN casinos on the FunFair platform want to bring blockchain gaming to the masses with an array of tools. These make acquiring crypto, playing games and passing KYC as easy as possible. In 2020, FunFair casinos such as CasinoFair, offer their own FUN wallet. This includes the ability to acquire the FUN gambling token on-site with Moonpay. As well as swap for other cryptocurrency using a Changelly integration.

So with the best in user experience, the best games unique to FUN casinos and unrivalled security, the FunFair platform and its powered casinos truly deliver a unique and superior gaming environment that goes beyond traditional and the majority of other crypto casinos out there.

Latest FUN casino bonuses (updated for summer 2020)

Free FUN with no deposits, surely not? By signing up and playing at one of these great casinos, you can bag some FUN for free and with no strings attached, right now!

Here are our favorite FUN bonuses from the best FunFair-powered casinos in the world.


CasinoFair is the ‘OG’ of FUN casinos and probably the best example of the FunFair gaming experience. Run and managed by FunFair Technologies themselves, this casino has been live the longest and has the biggest community around it.

With the best games on show, from slots and table games to crypto favourites like dice, and even unique games that have never been seen before, you’re sure to find something you like, particularly if you’re looking for something a little bit different and a lot more fun.

CasinoFair constantly turns around new bonuses, campaigns and loads of chances to win free FUN, so you’re sure to maximise your cryptocurrency while playing, and be sure not to miss out on its Moon Racer competitions which regularly give out millions in FUN, its proprietary gambling token.

Try the first and the best FUN casino right now and bag 1,000 free FUN, no strings attached.


Crypto Casino

Crypto Casino does what it says on the tin, and it does it very well indeed. Its playful theme and first-rate content pull together and make it one of the most enjoyable FUN casinos around.

As with other FUN casinos, its game variety and quality is up there with the best. Crypto Casino’s current offering of more than 30 titles, including virtual horses, Cho Han, and minesweeper-inspired games, will keep you playing, and hopefully winning, for hours.

And don’t worry that acquiring FUN might mean going to an exchange, at CryptoCasino you can use your card on-site and receive your gambling tokens in no time at all; that’s if they don’t give you some for free just for signing-up.

If you’re looking for fun, fast and fair entertainment with free crypto bonuses, try Crypto Casino today.


If you’re looking for a smart, sophisticated FUN gambling experience, KingTiger’s the one for you. Suited to high rollers and casual punters alike, this premium casino immerses you into a luxurious setting to gamble FUN.

To entice new players, KingTiger has gone above and beyond with its welcome package, offering new registrations 888 FUN with no deposit required. This lucky number could lead you to many more big wins down the line on its first class collection of casino titles.

So, if free cryptocurrency and quality blockchain gambling is your thing, try KingTiger.

What we love about FUN-based gambling

What’s wrong with normal gambling or other cryptocurrencies? Well, there’s nothing wrong with them but there’s certainly a lot more right with FUN. FUN as a gambling token, used with the FunFair platform, has been designed specifically for the use case of gambling. It’s not a currency that has been integrated into casino gaming, it is a token designed to be the best gaming chip around.

Lying on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token, FUN immediately accesses one of the best decentralised networks with a reputation for security, innovation and fairness. And that’s what FUN casinos stand for. Trust has been lost at traditional casinos with too many operators holding back funds, not paying out and regularly tarnished with exit scam scandals.

FUN casinos guarantee payments, provide transparency throughout the whole gaming experience and have teams behind them that act openly and honestly. FUN casinos continue to bring trust back to the gaming community with the aid of trustless smart contracts and the benefits of blockchain technology.

What else do we love? Instant payments, instant winnings, guaranteed payouts by the house, unique games, crypto swaps on-site, first rate customer service, a growing community and a whole lot more!

So make sure to read our reviews about the individual casinos and we’ll guide you in the right direction for the one that is best for you. Save yourself time rummaging around and we’ll do the hard work for you.

How to get started with FUN?

As with other cryptocurrencies, accessing FUN is similar in that you firstly need to pick an exchange. FUN is listed on many of the major ones and being an ERC-20 token, is easily swapped for other Ethereum tokens, including Ether.

Or, to make your life even easier, as of 2020, FUN casinos now allow you to buy the token on-site using card payments. So skip a major hurdle on your gambling journey and use the Moonpay integration instead.

Once you’ve acquired from an exchange, you just need to sign-up for a FunWallet at any FUN Casino, pass basic KYC and you’ll be able to access the world of FunFair casinos. Should you sign-up first and access FUN on-site, you’ll already have one of these and will be ready to go.

Next step, choose your game. With over thirty in-house and third-party titles, there’ll be one for you. So pick your favourite, send your FUN to the gaming session which the house will match with potential winnings, and get spinning, rolling and winning.

How to choose the right FUN casino?

Although FUN casinos are not as widespread as say Ethereum casinos or ones that take bitcoin or TRON as payments, they are growing in popularity and there are key differences between them. So save yourself the hassle and legwork and leave it to us to point you in the right direction. After all, there’s a lot of information out there, and as expert reviewers and keen crypto gamblers we’re more than happy to put in the graft so you don’t have to.

We look at FUN, or FunFair-powered, casinos with the following criteria:

  • Is it safe? FUN casinos have the best reputation of all crypto casinos in terms of fairness, safety and security. You never need to hand over cryptocurrency directly to the casino, game events are transparent and you’ll get your winnings when you win, simple as. This is the same across all FUN casinos so there’s no point of difference here. Similarly, the FunFair platform is licensed and regulated so you know it’s legal, provided you are in the right country.
  • Are games fair? Of course. FUN casino games are built with fairness as a priority. You can trust the technology, or you can check the gaming events for yourself on the blockchain. The platform even points you in the direction so you have ultimate peace of mind. Again, this is the same for all FUN casinos.
  • What are the bonuses like? This is where they start to differ. CasinoFair, KingTiger and Crypto Casino all run different bonuses at different times, so if you have a FUN Wallet, you’ll be able to jump between them as you wish. These usually consist of cashback, ticket lotteries, reloads and bankroll boosts based on specific games. They also all have different welcome offers, generally with free FUN available with no deposit, so you can’t really lose out.
  • How many games can I pick from? FUN casinos offer everything that you’d find elsewhere, and arguably with a higher level of quality. Table games, check, complex slots, check, basic slots, check, crypto favourites like dice, check. But there’s so much more too. FUN casinos specialise in games taking their inspiration from video games, so if you’re looking for something different, these are the casinos for you.
  • What’s the casino’s target audience? Every FUN casino has something different to offer when it comes to its look and feel. So whether you’re looking for a classic casino environment, something a bit more fun and playful, or a futuristic, crypto-friendly theme, there’ll be a FUN casino out there for you.

FUN gambling bonuses: how do they work?

FUN gambling bonuses work similarly to any other casino, whether they run on fiat currency, cryptocurrency or are decentralised. They’ll come in the form of sign-up offers, with many FUN casinos offering free FUN just for registering without any need to stake. They could also come via deposit bonus, where they bump up your deposit by a certain percent. Cashbacks on lost betting streaks is common, as are gamified tournaments where the more you play a game, the more chance you’ll have of winning a jackpot.

Due to the nature of FUN casinos, they do not currently offer free spins as they cannot be made trustless at present, however, they are more than generous in many other areas and blow most casinos out of the water in terms of the simplicity of wagering requirements.

Is it legal to gamble with FUN?

Yes, if you’re in an accepted jurisdiction. FunFair, the team behind the game-changing platform, has sought out regulation wherever possible and currently have licences from Curacao and the Isle of Man, being the first to receive a crypto licence at the latter. Therefore, should you be in one of the accepted countries and are of gambling age, you are perfectly legal to play.

These countries currently include Japan, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand and many more, but it’s always worth checking the sites terms and conditions to make sure you can play. Geo-blocking will likely do the job to prevent those who are currently unable to game at FUN casinos.

Are FUN casinos safe?

FUN casinos are about as safe as you can get when it comes to online gaming. The flagship casino is called CasinoFair, so they’ve put their money where their mouth is.

With the Ethereum blockchain underpinning all transactions and gaming events and fully verified cryptocurrency in FUN, you can be sure that whichever FUN casino you’re playing at is legitimate if it showcases the ‘Powered by FunFair’ logo.

If you see crypto casinos offering FUN payment options that do not show this, they’re unlikely to be official and we can’t guarantee your safety. If they do, then you can have full peace of mind that transactions are recorded indefinitely, can be verified against the house and that there’s no chance something fishy is happening. If there is, the platform itself is designed to sniff it out and act accordingly.

As with all crypto activity, the main safety issues come with ownership of funds, and because FUN casinos don’t request ownership of funds at any time, this is all in your hands.