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Monero casinos use Monero, or XMR as its token is called. This is an open-source cryptocurrency dating back over five years. During that time, it has gained popularity with its ability to obfuscate transactions, and therefore wallet data.

Using what it calls ‘ring signatures’, Monero combines a transactors input with those of others, ensuring every following transaction is extremely difficult to pin on one private address.

This has numerous advantages for XMR gambling with players wanting more privacy than ever before. This, along with a well-earned reputation for speed and security, means Monero is a quality gambling altcoin. If bitcoin and Ether aren’t your thing, then Monero’s anonymous gambling capabilities may just be.

Fortunately, Monero is accepted at several leading crypto casinos nowadays. In this guide, we’ll run through the best of these XMR casinos, the Monero games they have on offer, and the best crypto bonuses around. So read on, take note, and good luck gambling with XMR.

Where to play



CGN Review





Mega bonuses at, arguably, the best XRM casino



Loads of cryptos, loads of games, and massive Monero bonuses



Big BTC, DOGE and ETH wins on offer

Latest Monero bonuses (updated for Summer 2020).


If you know CGN, you’ll know we like FortuneJack. Whatever casino game or sporting event you’re after, FortuneJack will have something for you.

And with a load of cryptocurrencies accepted, including XRM, bitcoin, Ether and many more, you’ll be able to gamble how you want.

Head to FortuneJack now for the ultimate Monero bonuses.


1xBit only gets better and better. Arguably the crypto casino with the most currencies accepted, whatever your token, they’ll let you play with it.

So whether you’re into Monero sports betting, XRM casino games, live dealer or provably fair gambling, you’ll be sure to get what you’re after.

Check 1xBit for yourself and get winning big XRM today.

LuckyGames is a Monero gambling favourite. Leaving out the frills that many online casinos offer, LuckyGames promises simple, quality XRM gambling.

Despite its small games stack, Monero gamblers will find something for them. Dice, Hacker and numerous other games are big hits. Add in the social angle of a huge betting community and you’re in for another layer of fun.

Head over to now and bag big Monero. brings Monero betting to an already first-class casino. With a major gaming library, featuring the best slots and table games, there’s loads of opportunities to win.

Don’t believe us? Try out and you’ll love what you see.

Why play at the best Monero casinos?

There’s so many reasons to gamble with cryptocurrency over cash. And there’s even more reasons to gamble with Monero over other cryptocurrencies.

Let’s start with blockchain gambling. The pillars of blockchain gambling include speed and fairness and you’ll find these present with XMR gambling. Transacting with a casino using Monero will be quick and painless.

There’s no need to wait for banks to process payments or wait on the house to pay you out. Almost instantaneous Monero payments are available so you can deposit, win and withdraw in no time.

Similarly, using the blockchain, every gaming event will be recorded and transparent. This means the house can’t cheat you from a private remote gaming server, and all transactions require consensus to move forward. This levels the playing field and gives Monero casino players a much better shot at the big wins.

Anonymous Monero gambling

Where Monero comes into its own as a gambling token is its anonymity. Blockchain does assist with anonymous gambling generally, but XMR takes it one step further.

When you play with Monero, you transact through stealth addresses. Usually, someone could work out whether an address was linked to a player through transaction history. With Monero, any private address is obfuscated using other transactions so will appear differently every time.

This means that provided you don’t tell anyone; you’ll always have plausible deniability over how much Monero you have in certain wallets and any specific XMR bets with casinos. After all, gambling is your private hobby and no one else needs to see.

Gambling with Monero

Gambling with Monero is really no different to any other cryptocurrency. Nowadays, getting, sending and winning the likes of BTC, ETH and XMR have never been easier, and here’s how to start.

Firstly, we need some Monero to bet with. To do this you can exchange for cash or other cryptos at an exchange of your choice. All the major exchanges will offer swaps for XMR so it shouldn’t be hard to find one you like.

Once you’ve followed the exchanges instructions, you’re going to need an XMR wallet. These could be hard wallets, where your crypto is held on a hardware device. Or, you can store XMR in a soft wallet. These are less secure but give easier access to Monero casinos.

When you’ve found a wallet and stored your XMR (keep your private keys private!), you’ll want to find a Monero casino. There’s loads to choose from and in this guide, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Sign-up, take advantage of their BTC bonuses, send the casino your XMR, and get gambling. It really is as simple as that. If you do come unstuck, the best crypto casinos will help you out on the way. Some even allow you to purchase cryptocurrency on-site, cutting out a few steps on the way.

How to choose the right XMR casino?

Everyone has different tastes in their casino and rightly so. Fortunately, we’ve done the research to find out what will suit you. When you’re looking for the best Monero casinos, you’ll want to consider some of the following:

  • Is the XMR casino reputable? We only recommend the casinos that offer players the best service. That means they’re trustworthy, pay out and don’t cheat. We always ask players to do their own due diligence to make sure they’re comfortable, even after we give our word though.
  • Are there Monero bonuses? The best crypto casinos offer numerous bonuses, and many of these will be paid out in Monero. Players should look out for achievable, risk-free bonuses on the games they enjoy. Deposit bonuses are always generous, leaderboard competitions are fun, and free spins is free crypto.
  • Does it have customer support? A sign of a good XRM casino is that it looks after its players. This means good customer service. Whether it be live chat, quick response email or a long list of FAQs, the better the customer service, the better the casino enjoyment.
  • What are the games like? Every gambler looks for something different from their games. Fortunately, the best Monero casinos will offer a wide array of crypto titles. These could be table games like roulette and blackjack. You might like provably fair games like dice. Or maybe you’re after quality slots. The casinos we review will offer all of these, and much, much more.

XMR casino bonuses: How do they work?

Monero (XRM) casinos are always giving out free crypto in the form of bonuses. They might be welcome packages, cash reloads, or deposit top-ups. In-game, they can come in the form of free spins and community competitions.

However you like to gamble, there’ll be an XRM bonus that suits you. Check out casino’s promotions pages and see what appeals to you. Always make sure, though, that you’re playing for a realistic target. Ignore the headline numbers and see what’s actually doable.

The more you do this, the bigger your Monero wins, and the better your crypto gambling experience.

Are Monero casinos safe and legal?

When it comes to safety, Monero casinos have a strong reputation. As a blockchain it is sound technically, and the casinos that offer XRM betting generally only do so because they’re sure of its security.

However, as with any online entity, it’s important to do your own research. There’ll always be cash and crypto casinos looking to scam you, so take your time. Bet only when you feel comfortable. But also know that we’ve done the research already, so if we back them, you can too.

In terms of legality, this is down to age and location. Firstly, be of age with the casino’s rules and your locations. This is usually around 18 or 21. If you’re not, maybe wait a couple of years.

Secondly, the country you’re gambling from should allow cryptocurrencies and not ban igaming. If it bans cryptocurrency, this complicates things as you’ll struggle to withdraw your cash. If it bans igaming, then some crypto casinos may still let you bet, but your authorities won’t like it.

Once again, check the rules, ask the casino what’s possible, and stay safe.

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