Crypto Rogue Games prepares debut of Web3 title Crystals of Naramunz

The web3 title pioneered by Crypto Rogue Games will seek to leverage the technology to ensure that it brings innovation to the Role Playing Gaming sector

A new title by Crypto Rogue Games is on its way, with the post-apocalyptic Crystals of Naramunz set to go live soon. The game focuses on a conflict between two factions, The Foundation and the Suns, who will vie for superiority against a backdrop event known simply as the Nexus.

The game itself combines elements of popular RPG games, such as Diablo and Path of Exile, and hoping to leverage the lessons taught by the industry in a way that that helps Crystals of Naramunz translate into a staying experience for players.

The featuring of web3 technology to develop and deploy the game allows for better scope. For example, the players will be able to transform their weapons into something called Aetherials in game language, which are essentially non-fungible tokens, hoping to create a vibrant economy around the game, and not least through the use of secondary markets.

How big the secondary market would be will depend on initial interest, perceived value, and Crypto Rogue Games’ ability to deliver on original promises. The game itself is baked into the Beam blockchain ecosystem.

Yet, the integration of NFT is designed to be balanced, and not become the core focus of the game, or the game’s secondary markets taking precedence over the gameplay itself. Examples of web3 games becoming increasingly popular are already available.

Just think about Axie Infinity, and the vibrant secondary economy it spawned around it to the point where people in the Philippines started buying real estate with the proceeds they generated in-game. The game was hit by a massive hack that saw $630 million worth of currency syphoned off, triggering a price crash.

The game’s beta is already underway, with Crystals of Naramunz, launched on January 12, 2024, and making its way through the web3 rank list of crypto-inspired games to try. Although the game does not have any evident gambling element to it, it still fits the bill as one of the most promising web3 games of the year.

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