Crypto mogul body found stuffed down toilet in Bulgaria

Body parts of crypto king Christian Peev were found by plumbers in Bulgaria 

The remains of an American crypto mogul have been found by plumbers in Bulgaria.

The plumbers were tasked with clearing a blocked drain in the city of Sofia where they found the grisly remains of Bulgarian Christian Peev.

As well as flushing parts of the body down the toilet, alleged killer Vesco Valchinov also buried Peev’s head and several other bones.

Peev  – who graduated from university in the United States – made his fortune in cryptocurrency and police believe a failed business venture between the two could be seen as a motive.

A report claims the pair were friends for five or six years with Peev helping Valchinov get into crypto investing. However, it seems the failed business deal could have ended the friendship. 

Investigators said: “All contacts he had on the day he was last seen were checked. One of them was with his friend Vesco Valchinov.

“A camera was seized from the block where the suspect lives and it was established that he and Christian entered the entrance in the late afternoon of August 8.”

The recording showed the suspected killer leave the next day but Christian was not seen. Valchinov was arrested after fleeing to a hotel in Vitosha.

There have been a number of suspicious deaths within the cryptocurrency world already this year including co-founder of MakerDAO Nikolai Mushegian, who was found dead on a Puerto Rican beach. 

He died hours after tweeting that intelligence agencies were after him.

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Written by David Kent

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