Crypto millionaire still lives with his parents

A young crypto trader has hit headlines this week for still living with his parents, despite managing to rake in more than $7m in profits in 2021.

A 25-year-old crypto investor who has traded around US$2bn worth of crypto in 2021 alone still lives at his parent house in Sydney, Australia, according to public records.

Darren Nguyen has chosen to live with his parents despite his success and securing at least $7m in profits in the reported period alone.

His business is registered at his parents’ house in Guildford, Sydney, where he has been driving some serious results across the board.

The information was made available to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and quickly caught media attention because of Nguyen’s unconventional decision to stay at home after achieving significant success.

Nguyen was admittedly only able to get his business on its feet in 2021. In 2020, his business reported the equivalent of AU$692,181, which was not enough money to boot the young man out of the family’s nest.

However, profit in 2021 surged 1,404.12% prompting the question – how long would the young man stick at home?

PO Street Capital, which is the name of the young man’s business, was largely self-funded, the filings revealed.

When the media reached out, Nguyen’s family declined to comment and shared no further details about their son’s crypto trading business or whether they were privy to it.

All in all, things look good for Nguyen. At a time when some of the biggest names in crypto have come crashing down, the young man seems to have made his own fortunes without coloring around the lines.

However, it’s possible that Nguyen would have preferred to keep his business private and out of media’s focus.

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