Crypto Meca, the team behind MECA Coin and the decentralized casino platform MECA Casino, has confirmed a strategic partnership – including private round funding – with Japan’s first crypto fund, B Cryptos.

The funding comes ahead of MECA Coin’s IEO, which launches in partnership with exchange LATOKEN on 15 April.

Japanese crypto fund B Cryptos follows the ICON Foundation in providing funding for the MECA Coin project.

B Cryptos has already successfully funded and fostered a wide range of blockchain-based start-ups including DApps and exchanges.

Crypto Meca said the B Cryptos investment was expected to “provide strong momentum for the public sale”.

Crypto Meca’s gaming and entertainment product MECA Casino will launch on South Korea’s ICON blockchain network, where it is expected to quickly becomes one of its most active DApps.

Last month, caught up with MECA Coin’s director of business development Chris Lee for an in-depth look at the project.

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