Part of the FunFair stable, Crypto Casino went live in July. With a platform upgrade and new wallet integration, CryptoGamblingNews has taken a fresh look and found a casino that successfully combines both playful and premium.

On launch in July 2019, Crypto Casino became the second of the FunFair-powered casinos to go live and the first third-party one, a significant landmark for the network and big news for the community. Managed by a successful poker affiliate in RakeTheRake, the casino has some serious industry experience behind it which has clearly carried through to the whole user experience.

In this rapidly expanding sector, it’s impressive to have landed the much sought for domain in which resonates with the new generation of player looking for crypto or blockchain gambling experiences. And so, RakeTheRake has immediately impressed us with a brand that bridges the gap between the two and would, we imagine, be one of the first search questions for traditional players looking to jump across to the decentralised world.

In the following review, we’ll look at Crypto Casino in-depth and explore its first-rate games portfolio, unique promotional campaigns and vibrant look and feel.

How it plays?

The games page is easily navigable on landing. The platform puts the games front and centre and pushes you directly to an impressive collection of 23 games at time of writing.

The content is split into three sections; slots, casino and instant, as well as favourites tab which will be useful for those seeking the same titles out as Crypto Casino’s game list continues to grow.

We tried out a few of these and were very impressed with what’s on offer. The latest release, ‘The Great Cheese Heist’ is a first-of-its-kind as far as we’re aware. Available to play for real FUN (the gambling token used for all Crypto Casino’s games) or in demo mode, the game takes inspiration from the retro-classic minesweeper.

Players become the mice and choose their stake and gamble from mousetrap to mousetrap across the floor. For each mousetrap navigated successfully (without being sprung), the winnings build, but if the heat’s getting too much, you can always cash out and take the profit. Its graphics are impressive in comparison to usual blockchain titles and the gameplay is simple, fast and engaging, perfect for the ‘play quick, win quick’ mentality of many blockchain gamblers.

The rest of the games don’t disappoint. Those who like the casino classics will find 3D versions of the likes of roulette and three card poker, while there are numerous slots available across a number of themes. Particularly impressive was Cyber Hunter 2080, featuring a dystopian look at the future with big wins and a mini game available.

VIPs are also catered for with high roller versions of blackjack and baccarat, with the latter offering a max stake of 50,000 FUN and potential wins from one hand at almost 500,000 FUN.

There’s no doubt that Crypto Casino is up there with the best in terms of its content in the blockchain space. They wouldn’t look out of place at fiat casinos and the quality and longevity of the more unique titles is very welcome in a casino world that tends to rest on its laurels when it comes to game type.

First impressions

Crypto Casino has a playful edge and colourscape that’s unique in blockchain and casino as a whole. Its playful design elements are cartoony yet premium, evoking crypto-clichés like ‘to the moon’ which fits well with an audience of crypto-gamblers doubling up on their crypto investments.

The sign-up process is very straightforward for what is a blockchain casino. Using the FunFair Wallet, new players and old are offered recognisable sign-up and security procedures which resemble that of web2.0 rather than the more complex seed phrase and private key approach of many dApps.

We’ve been keeping an eye on how players have been taking to the new wallet and it looks to be a success to date, with a spike in recent registrations across the FunFair network which will of course benefit Crypto Casino.

The wallet also allows Crypto Casino to be played on any device and any browser. Unlike some casinos which use external wallets tied to specific browsers on desktop, players can bounce between their phones, tablets and desktops on whichever browser they like, experiencing the same quality casino games. This is huge for not just for blockchain casino but blockchain adoption as a whole and we’re very impressed.


Crypto Casino’s sign-up bonus, what it calls its ‘Launch Package’, is up to a very generous $125 worth of FUN. Players receive ,000 FUN immediately on sign-up, as well as some ETH to pay for the negligible transaction costs, allowing newcomers to get playing games straight away. You’ll then be rewarded an additional 1,000 FUN for each game you wager 30,000 FUN on within seven days of registration. A challenge maybe, but definitely achievable and a good way to explore the quality games on offer.

New game launches generally coincide with ‘game of the week’ campaigns. ‘Easy Cheesy’ is currently live, coinciding with ‘The Great Cheese Heist’ launch we previously mentioned. This has a much-appreciated social element with players competing against one another on three separate leaderboards to win a chunk of 225,000 FUN.

We’ve seen other blockchain casinos use gamification tools before and it does add an extra layer of fun and engagement than solo campaigns, and we’d hope Crypto Casino carries on in a similar vein.

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The technology

Crypto Casino’s values are fun, fast and fair and the tech it uses, namely FunFair’s Guaranteed Fair gaming platform, backs each of these up.

Games on offer are fast. They’re played in real-time using the platforms version of state channels, Fate Channels, avoiding expensive transaction costs in the process by taking the gaming element off-chain.

Fairness runs throughout. Promotions are clear and transparent; gaming events are available to interrogate for yourself in-game or on the blockchain itself and the Fate Channel process escrows funds from the player and house ensuring potential wins are guaranteed and paid out instantly.

Along with the easy-to-use, ‘any browser, any device’ wallet addition, Crypto Casino’s tech brings a first-rate user experience which will win over blockchain gamblers and fiat ones alike.


We were greeted immediately by customer support on landing on-site and they were capable of answering simple questions quickly and correctly, while pointing us to the extensive FAQs for anything else we might need. This would be extremely beneficial to those players coming from outside of blockchain.

The team claim to have localisation as a roadmap priority. This is very welcome considering the site currently only runs in the English language, but saying that, the interface is clean and easy-to-use for even those in a different tongue.




Crypto Casino brings a fresh look and feel to what we’ve come to expect from blockchain casinos and CryptoGamblingNews is pleased with the more playful, approachable alternative. Its gaming content leads the pack and with the recent addition of the universal wallet, Crypto Casino is definitely a match for the best decentralised casinos out there.

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