Crypto casino games ready to breakout?

Should you trawl through a dApp listings site in the gambling section, a large proportion of gambling offerings have some link to the classics that set crypto casinos in motion. The likes of RocketGame, Etheroll and Moon3D have all been built on the simple premise that one game alone is good enough to support a player’s gaming needs. And it’s hard to argue looking at their engagement.


Dice games – which riff off the hi-lo genre and enable you to choose your own probabilities – have roots long before crypto casinos, but it’s with them that they’ve boomed. With added social dimensions and stripped back, but tense, gameplay, players keep on coming back for more. There’s hundreds of versions out there now, accepting bitcoin, ether, TRON and various other cryptocurrencies, and they show no sign of slowing down.


Likewise, crash or moon games – where you hold your nerve to bag the biggest crypto multiplier – have seen parallel success. This genre is more unique to the blockchain sector but shares the same values as dice, in that it’s simple, accessible, and fast. Leaderboards give bragging rights and players of any language can understand the concept even if they don’t understand some of the (very few) words displayed.


So, we’ve established that these sorts of games are popular. We know they make their operators significant cryptocurrency revenue. And with their simplicity allowing for global appeal, surely, they’re ripe for traditional casinos to piggyback off?

But they seemingly haven’t as of yet. Why is this?


At first thought, it’s clear that crypto players may have their own preferences for the style of games they like. Players at blockchain casinos have generally gone above and beyond in seeking them out compared to the relative ease to register at well-marketed fiat casinos. We can assume that they therefore have a different demographic and different tastes.

And that’s probably why they flourish at crypto casinos. They’re in demand. The older audience who tend to play at traditional casinos know what they like and their casinos deliver it to them in droves, with hundreds of table game varieties and numerous tweaks on the same slot concepts. This audience probably hasn’t seen the charm of crypto classic titles like crash, and so do not demand it.


Blockchain’s immutable ability to deliver ‘trustless’ gaming is perhaps another reason why. When players play thousands of rounds of dice, or shoot for the moon and crash land over and over again, they want to know that they can trust the casino. Perhaps, only cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms can deliver this peace of mind.

We hear too many stories about fiat casinos fixing results, changing probabilities, and even committing exit scams. With these crypto titles, the risk of a 1% tweak to the proposed house edge is simply too much for the majority of players. They want to see the results, and they want to see that the event itself was as it should have been, and that’s only possible with transparent blockchain tech.


And one area where crypto casinos definitely hold an advantage is speed. Regulation is a double-edged sword. It gives you access to a larger audience of casino player with a proper foundation of legal representation, but it also commits you to game requirements that often take away from the fun of quick, instant win games.

Slots and table games at regulated fiat casinos have lags between rounds and this is commendable in the name of responsible gambling. But it’s sometimes over the top and it would take much of the excitement away from hunting down that 1% shot at an improbable dice wager.


It’s hard to say. The lack of demand due to lack of awareness may disappear, but regulation and trustworthiness play a key part in the success of these games taking a fiat foothold. So, it seems as though if the demand is there for an igaming player to try their hand at, arguably, the future of online gambling, then they’re going to have to jump over to the crypto side.

Fortunately, they’ll be well serviced depending on their preferences. The likes of TRON casinos, such as WINk, have a strong stable of these games, namely Dice, Duel, Moon and Ring.

If you want something a bit more immersive, then FunFair Technologies’ partner casinos, such as CasinoFair, have their own 3D versions which add extra longevity and more immersion to the experience.

Fiat players will also be sure to find something for them at the likes of and CloudBet, who both offer these crypto classics in their raw and finessed forms, alongside hundreds of other quality slot and table games.

So, we can expect to see the status quo for a while yet. But if traditional players want something new, something better, and certainly something fairer, then you might want to make the jump to blockchain gaming and shoot for the moon yourself.

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Written by Tudor

Works as a developer and helps keeps the digital cogs turning. Leave them alone, they're busy.

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