Crypto bros want to make the upcoming debate about digital assets

Over the past several months both President Joe Biden and the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, sought to woo the crypto industry – long ignored

The crypto industry too has been amassing a financial war chest that it seeks to use and influence policy on digital assets in the United States. It is succeeding, if the times that both major candidates for the US presidency have mentioned crypto and the crypto industry is any indication.

Yet, a true test to either man’s commitment to the crypto industry would come down to whether they make it a viable talking point during their upcoming debate which will former President Trump and the incumbent, President Biden, face off later today in a televized debate, which would have a significant impact on the outcome of the election.

Stand With Crypto, an online-letter writing campaign, has already been pushing for CNN to raise crypto as a talking point during the debate, as the candidates themselves cannot weave in topics in and out of the conversation on a whim – for the most part. Whether a crypto question will be popped by the moderators at CNN remains to be seen.

Yet, Stand With Crypto believes that it would be a huge miss for the debate not to touch on crypto in the first place.

“Giving the major presidential candidates a chance to weigh in on this transformational technology in the first debate would go a long way towards educating the electorate and helping American crypto owners cast an informed ballot,” the advocacy group claims.

Trump generally has the higher ground on crypto, having engaged with it first during this campaigning cycle and firing off promises that he thought were “very good ideas indeed.” Yet, on actual policy, Trump has been somewhat of a laggard.

His time in office is not marked with any changes in the crypto industry, and the liberal tech-minded industry tends to lean more openly democratic than republican. Yet, there have been many reasons for even the most liberal-minded tech bosses to rethink their political orientation, with Ripple and Ethereum, for example, coming under heavy blows from US regulators.

However, President Biden has acted on digital assets and crypto, and although not fully seeing eye-to-eye with the industry, he has shown initiative. Either candidate would be able to show their true crypto colors providing that CNN pops the question tonight.

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Written by Barney


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