Crypto betting platform Divvy.Bet unveils brand new membership passes

The membership passes are NFTs and allow users to instantly settle winning wagers directly to their wallets

Decentralized crypto betting platform Divvy.Bet has announced the release of their highly anticipated membership passes. These state-of-the-art passes promise to provide users with an unparalleled betting experience.

Drawing from the latest advancements in blockchain technology, Divvy.Bet’s membership passes boast a host of innovative features. They offer users a streamlined betting experience, with the instant settlement of winning wagers directly to their wallets.

The membership passes are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and act as exclusive rewards cards, offering users access to a range of token-gated events and additional benefits.

The concept reflects the platform's focus on delivering a quality user experience in the decentralized betting space. Unlike other platforms that rely on cryptocurrency settlement layers, Divvy.Bet has developed its platform from scratch and fully on-chain, setting it apart in the industry.

This in-house approach gives Divvy.Bet control over their platform's direction, paving the way for constant evolution and customization.

By putting the user experience at the forefront, Divvy.Bet has surpassed traditional white-labeled products, ensuring its platform is technologically advanced, highly accessible, and tailored to the needs of its diverse user base.

However, Divvy.Bet’s membership passes not only enrich the betting experience, but they also serve as a powerful marketing tool, increasing awareness and visibility within the broader NFT communities. This strategic move is aimed at attracting not only seasoned gamblers but also a wider audience, inviting non-gamblers to engage with Divvy.Bet.

With the launch of the $DVY token and the Divvy.Bet DAO, Divvy.Bet is further enhancing the value of these exclusive membership passes. The $DVY tokens will incentivize user interaction, encourage usage, and unlock a host of exciting features across the Divvy.Bet ecosystem.

Staking $DVY tokens empowers users to not only earn passive income but also participate in the governance of Divvy.Bet through the Divvy DAO. This democratic approach ensures that community members have a say in shaping the platform's future and overall direction.

As Divvy.Bet looks ahead, exciting innovations and growth opportunities are on the horizon. The platform aims to expand its betting types, introduce new web3 native betting mechanisms, and incorporate traditional casino games, fantasy sports, poker, and prediction markets into its ecosystem.

In mid-June, Divvy.Bet also launched its highly anticipated Genesis NFT collection on the Solana blockchain, providing various benefits to platform users and NFT holders.

The collection includes 5,000 passes and offers revenue sharing, $DVY token emissions for staked NFTs, loot boxes, and more, emphasizing the company's commitment to building a strong and engaged community. 

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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