Crypto betting platform Divvy.Bet reveals exciting future developments

Divvy.Bet will commence NFT revenue accrual on August 1

DeFi betting platform Divvy.Bet has recently launched its highly-anticipated NFT collection. Expressing sincere gratitude to its loyal users, the company extended heartfelt appreciation to everyone who purchased a Divvy membership pass. 

Amidst the heartfelt words of thanks, the company delved into the juicy details of what lies ahead. Divvy.Bet excitedly disclosed a series of upcoming developments that are bound to captivate the interest of its user base.

One such development is the implementation of a staking feature, which will undoubtedly empower users by allowing them to have a more dynamic role in the platform.

In a move that will significantly enhance the user experience and generate substantial rewards, Divvy.Bet announced that revenue accrual is set to kick off on August 1. 

However, the news did not end there. Divvy.Bet went on to share information about their referral program, urging users to gear up for the opportunity to earn rewards simply by inviting their friends to join the platform. The company provided specific instructions for users to check out “housepass-utilities” on Discord.

Additionally, in a collaborative move with MagicEden, Divvy.Bet disclosed that they would be extending their fee reduction offer for a limited time. The strategic partnership aims to enhance accessibility and make it even more lucrative for users to stack up their passes.

Just last week Divvy.Bet successfully conducted its NFT mint on the Solana network with 264 out of the total 2500 NFTs still available for purchase. The NFT passes offer users revenue shares from the Divvy.Bet platform, $DVY token emissions upon token launch, and access to exclusive airdrops.

Investors had three ways to obtain a Divvy.Bet NFT: purchasing a lottery ticket during a limited window, participating in the NFT presale, or acquiring one from Solana's NFT marketplaces after the lottery ends and all NFTs are delivered to buyers.

At the beginning of July, Divvy.Bet introduced its innovative membership passes in the form of NFTs, enabling users to settle winning wagers directly to their wallets instantly.

These passes act as exclusive rewards cards, granting access to token-gated events and additional benefits, aligning with Divvy.Bet's focus on providing a superior decentralized betting experience.

While in mid-June, Divvy.Bet unveiled its highly anticipated Genesis NFT collection on the Solana blockchain, offering a plethora of benefits to both platform users and NFT holders.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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