CoinGames: using blockchain to drive conversion

With an ICO and international expansion on the horizon, we caught up with CoinGames’ founder Edoardo Narduzzi to find out more about the platform and where he hopes to take it in future.

Developed on several protocols, including Solana and Ethereum, Polygon Chain and Binance, CoinGames is a decentralized betting platform with ambitious plans for growth over the next five years.

What inspired the creation of CoinGames?

The decision to invest in igaming came from observing the market's growth, which has been expanding at 25% annually for the last two years, driven especially by crypto operators growing at a rate of 800% per year.

Realizing that these operators were not addressing the main problem of online gaming, which is conversion, and were using blockchain inappropriately with centralized solutions, CoinGames was conceived to utilize blockchain for its core purpose: decentralization and non-custodial user wallet management.

What does being the first fully licensed decentralized gambling platform mean for users? How does it differ from other casinos?

Being the first fully licensed decentralized gambling platform means users can play instantly by connecting their wallets and interacting with a smart contract that manages the game session. The funds always remain in the user's control, ensuring maximum efficiency, eliminating bottlenecks in the funnel, and providing a transparent and economical system. This contrasts with centralized casinos that require deposits, acting like banks and lacking user control and transparency.

What was the hardest thing about getting the casino off the ground and what did you learn from the process?

The biggest challenge was making the system user-friendly for those not well versed in web3 applications. The team focused on improving the user experience, which was initially not suited for widespread use. This effort significantly improved conversion rates by 380%.

Why does the casino’s unique position as a fully decentralized offering have such a profound effect on conversion?

The high conversion rate is due primarily to the shortened funnel compared to centralized casinos and the trust that the smart contract instils in users. Especially in emerging markets, where the risk of scams is high. The certainty that funds cannot be moved without the user's consent and the ability to verify game liquidity in real-time eliminates much of the friction and increases trust.

Tell us more about your background as an entrepreneur?

I’m a serial entrepreneur and started my career in the digital space at the dawn of the internet era, working with major Italian companies like Telecom. I have founded and sold several tech companies, including NETikos, Techedge and Mashfrog Group.

What can we expect from the CoinGames Token and when will it be available? 

The CoinGames Token will be publicly available at the end of June, but the presale is already open for anyone to whitelist their wallet through the website. 

The hype around NFTs has died down a little in recent months, why did you want them to be part of the CoinGames offering?

The NFT collection is tied directly to the casino's loyalty program. Each program level is represented by an NFT, which incorporates all its benefits. Users can sell their level to new users, offering VIP benefits. This approach was chosen not based on market trends but to complete the platform with a technology that allows for a totally innovative loyalty program.

What else can we expect from CoinGames over the coming 12 months? 

Over the next 12 months, CoinGames plans to complete its ICO [initial coin offering] and scale into target markets such as Canada, and parts of Asia. The company projects revenues of more than $3m, aiming to reach $150m within five years. 

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