Coinflip brings Doge to 1,800 ATMs

Dogecoin (DOGE), the cryptocurrency that started as an “internet joke”, is presently available and supported at 1,800 ATMs around the US, Coinflip has announced.

As of March 1, CEO and co-founder Daniel Polotsky confirmed that Coinflip is now allowing consumers to cash in their Dogecoin at the company's fleet of ATMs across the country.

Dogecoin has seen a solid gain in popularity and increase in value starting in February. Tesla CEO Elon Musk repeatedly endorsed Dogecoin, although his social media activity was taken a little too seriously, as per his own words.

The Tesla executive may have never meant to drive the rally which led to a renewed interest in Dogecoin shortly after he released several tweets. However, NBA Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was among the people to endorse Doge earlier this year as well arguing that the currency showed “not a bad look”.

However, Reddit's sub-forum, /WallStreetBets, did inflate the price by 85% according to CoinTelegraph, with the token presently trading at 0.051, far above its original value a year ago. In March 2020, Doge was appreciated at $0.001582. WallStreetBets wants to see Dogecoin reach a net value of $1, but the currency is far from it.

In the meantime, though, you can use it to bet on your favorite gaming websites, including Bitcasino, 1xBit, and FortuneJack to name a few.

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