Cloudflare identifies massive DDoS attack

Content-delivery network Cloudflare has reported the biggest DDoS attack ever carried out against an unnamed cryptocurrency platform.

The platform was targeted a few weeks ago and it received as many as 15.3 million requests per second over the space of several minutes.

This type of an attack is particularly damaging as it overloads servers and interrupts the normal distribution of service, locking down websites for what could be days, or even weeks.

Cloudflare reported that it was handling the issue while tackling 15.3 million requests per second delivered through HTTPS requests.

During the attack, Cloudflare analyzed the participating attackers as a network of at least 6,000 bots. The attack came from at least 112 countries with the most prominent ones coming from Russia, India, Brazil, Colombia and the US.

There have been at least 1,300 different networks involved, Cloudflare researcher Omer Yoachimik explained in a post detailing the attack.

The attackers were able to exploit vulnerability in compromised networks and cloud hosting providers, channeling their resources to hit the designated targets.

An attack of this size, cannot be maintained for long, and 15 million requests per second meant that the attackers were able to muster the resource for no more than 15 seconds. Cloudflare’s defenses proved sufficient to ensure that service went mostly undisturbed.

However, Cloudflare acknowledged that an attack of this scale was unprecedented and as such, it indicated a significant uptick in the possibilities of people who launch them.

This means that services such as Cloudflare would need to continue beefing up their defenses and hope that one day attackers do not outrace them in delivering successful offensives against websites.

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