Cloudbet zero margin offer challenges status quo

Cloudbet has explained that e-commerce or any transaction that takes place on the internet would always command a small fee, even if such fees are not disclosed or directly incurred by consumers. Someone somewhere always foots the bill. Traditional bookmakers, who use payment processors, therefore draw transaction costs that tend to be built into betting margins.

With SWIFT charges now obsolete, according to Satoshi, the touted creator of Bitcoin, it’s time to see a new model for transacting money online. This is precisely the ideology Cloudbet subscribes to. The crypto operator has been consistently trying to offer lower margins, a journey that it started back in 2013.

The ultimate goal was to abolish all surcharges, including those applying to betting on the platform. In doing so, Cloudbet has once again affirmed its status as a crypto pioneer.

Because of the emphasis on cryptocurrencies, and avoiding FIAT conversions, Cloudbet has been able to “flex its financial muscle,” as the platform put it in a recent blog post, and lay customer bets in a zero margin window, something that many competitors wouldn’t be capable of in their own business models.

Indeed, it recently posted on Twitter how it was smashing other sportsbooks out the park with its odds. The tweet showed a comparison to other reputable operators, including and, with Cloudbet giving best price on every possible outcome.

Cloudbet remains one of the leading sports betting and blockchain-powered platforms, offering a tempting welcome bonus you can sign up for right now. Besides the bonus, you will find popular sports betting markets, in-play wagering options and even esports.

With the introduction of zero-margin betting, Cloudbet is taking the experience to the next level, offering new opportunities for punters to maximise the efficiency of their betting game.

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Written by Tudor

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