Cloudbet sportsbook & casino talks Gamblefi, web3, and the future of the platform

Cloudbet spoke to CGN about GambleFi, the challenges of web3 gambling and the future.

Introduce readers to Cloudbet and what the platform is all about? 

Cloudbet is a proud pioneer of crypto betting. Since our launch in 2013, our world-leading crypto casino and sportsbook has served hundreds of thousands of users and taken millions of bets, establishing a reputation as the most trusted, secure, and VIP-friendly brand in crypto gaming

What separates CloudBet from other decentralized casino/sportsbook platforms?

There are three aspects to talk about here:

  1. Tenure. We are a trusted brand with 10 years in the market. We were one of the first betting brands to offer the power and advantages of cryptocurrency to players around the world.  We have tenure, and a history in the industry that others cannot claim.
  1. Tailored solution. Because we came into the market so early, we’ve had to build everything ourselves. Our platform is not an off-the-shelf, white-label brand that many new players are these days. To this day, our technology is purposefully designed and deliberately built with a clear understanding of what our customers want.
  2. Security. Since launch, we have securely processed tens of millions of transactions, and many of our security measures have since become standard practice industry-wide.

    Cloudbet security is built on a multi-layer system of safeguards underpinned by hot and cold wallet storage, multi-signature approvals, and multi-party computation (MPC), along with various added measures to protect player funds.

What makes CloudBet’s VIP service different from say, traditional VIP services, or other VIP crypto casino services on the market?

  • Highly personalized service: Our VIP team goes to great lengths to understand each of our VIPs on an individual basis, appreciate what they’re looking for from a VIP playing experience, and build genuine relationships with our players.

    This ranges from respecting the desire to remain anonymous and offering flawless execution of Cloudbet’s services coupled with tailor-made VIP incentives, to entertaining and socializing VIPs in the real world, and enjoying “money can’t buy” VIP experiences. We are not a faceless, glorified customer support team.

    For example, we were able to offer an MMA fan the opportunity to corner a UFC fighter, ie, hold the bucket between rounds during one of the early-stage fights. This is as up close and personal as you can get, during a real fight. In addition, we offered a pad session and one-on-one dinner with the fighter.
  • Many of our VIPs are long-term multi-year customers and we’ve shared the various crypto highs (and lows), celebrated their wins, and commiserated their losses with them.

    This tenure of relationship allows us to offer a  tailored VIP product and bespoke incentives that mean our VIPs continue to play at Cloudbet, and aren’t tempted by the frequent VIP promotions dangled in front of them, knowing other platforms cannot continue this level of high touch service.      

Can DeFi betting and casinos go mainstream? What are the primary challenges if it is to do so, and how can Cloudbet address them? 

It is very possible that DeFi betting can go mainstream, because of all the advantages that decentralization and blockchains confer to players.

These have been widely talked about: Super low transfer fees, almost instantaneous transaction times, and to some extent there’s a privacy element that varies depending on the blockchain that you use. 

DeFi solves real problems for real people and for that reason alone, it deserves to go mainstream. We’re already seeing signs of that. Betting volumes have surged almost every year that we’ve been in operation. More and more people are getting on board.

Challenges are the same for mass adoption of crypto generally: A lack of awareness and education on crypto. Some Web3 products offer a poor user experience.

Cloudbet is making it easier than ever for users to buy crypto through the platform using seamless safe on-and-off ramp solutions. Every stage of our user experience caters to both crypto novices and crypto veterans.

What's in store for the future of CloudBet? 

We have an aggressive product roadmap that we’re continuously upgrading. We continue to refine our loyalty program and we’re planning a major UX reveal in the next few weeks.

We will continue to add coins and expand into new markets selectively, as well as increase the number of our localized betting sites.

Ultimately, we are creators and custodians of an experience millions of people around the world have known and loved for thousands of years. Our players love to bet. And we work every day to give them the best betting experience on the Internet. 

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Written by Alex Buckley

Alex is an editor at who focuses on cryptocurrency and web3 gambling.

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