Cloudbet sees 80% of bets go down on Trump – could take big hit

The betting handle is perplexing to an outsider, as Trump is chronically short-handed if you take a look at the odds.

Still, his co-efficient means that a bettor could potentially win big time.

This hope for a killing off on the electoral odds is seen best with crypto bettors who continue to back him up with only 20% of Cloudbet's handle going on the Democratic hopeful.

The other 80% is plonked down firmly on the incumbent.

Even though the polls are heavily backing Biden, bettors have veered off the path of traditional decision-making and are putting precious crypto penny on POTUS instead.

True, Trump has beaten the odds before, but can he repeat it?

Polls are still close enough – and much closer than the 2016 election polls – for anyone to doubt the incumbent's chances of success.

Cloudbet has some interesting data as well. Florida, usually a swing state, has seen 86% of all bettors go with Trump.

Yet, this is not a reflection on the actual voters' decisions. Nevertheless, well across different states in the US, bettors keep backing Republicans in the hopes of securing the 40% odds payout.

Bookmakers stand to lose seven-figures on bets well across the world should POTUS secure the Presidential seat once again.

Despite that, Cloudbet feels pretty confident in providing great odds, even if the scales are treacherously weighed against the sportsbook, given the handle and POTUS chance of success.

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Written by David


David is co-founder of, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.