China launches national blockchain network website

The BSN has launched along with a new website designed to invest more people from overseas. In fact, the website went live earlier today, August 10. According to people involved with the project, including Red Date Technology CEO He Yifan, the BSN allows developers to tap into the BSN and use its services.

The BSN is not just a localised solution; it’s a global effort to boost the use of blockchain technology. Specifically, the BSN offers integration with NEO, Tezos, EOS, Ethereum, Nervos and IRISnet. This number could only grow in future, sources suggest.

If there is one thing that consolidates the existence of BSN as a worthwhile initiative, that’s the fact that Google and Amazon Web Service are listed as cloud service providers, meaning that once again, technology has proven a unifying tenet no matter how divisive politics can get.

Hyperledger is registered as a permissioned blockchain supplier, too. The BSN launched back in October 2019 as a pilot project, but has quickly gained momentum and found powerful allies.

China is a vast market of opportunity for blockchain companies. Previously, we reported that Hainan is possibly going to become a new blockchain hub for the country, and possibly allow cryptocurrency gambling. Speaking of gambling, though, China has had a rather negative approach to it.

Recently, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security created an initiative designed to monitor citizens who may be involved in illegal gambling.  Gambling in China may have to wait a bit, although many established websites offer native support for Chinese players who do not reside in China and are legally allowed to place a bet. BitStarz and Bitcasino are both quality operators that provide this service.

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