has launched a new TRON casino and gambling DApp portal, where users can find the latest news, reviews and bonuses from leading TRON casinos.

Accessible here and via the top navigation bar of the homepage, the new TRON casino portal ranks the top TRON casinos and gambling DApps, helping players make an informed choice on where to play.

More than $1 billion worth of TRX was gambled in the first three months of 2019, as TRON has emerged the cryptocurrency of choice for thousands of gamblers.

The new portal lists the very best of these TRON betting DApps, dice games and casinos, with in-depth reviews and exclusive bonuses.

It also features the latest news, including trading updates for those buying and sell TRC-20 coins from leading casinos, which entitle holders to a share of the casino profits.

And for those holding TRX, the portal also includes real-time price updates. will be adding new portals for other cryptocurrencies in the coming weeks.

Check out the new TRON portal here.

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