CGN and Futuur discuss the future of their crypto prediction market platform and the power of AMMs

Futuur talks crypto prediction markets, Automated Market Makers, Ooms and more

What's Futuur all about for those new to the platform?

Futuur is a prediction market platform that allows betting on future events in PoliticsFinanceScienceSports, and Entertainment.

Our mission is to provide more accurate forecasts using the crowd's wisdom and inspire people to think more rationally about forecasting by allowing them to put “skin in the game”, using either play money or real money to make their bets.

Check out the platform and view hundreds of real-time forecasts for free at

Key features 

● Hundreds of active markets across all imaginable topics 

● Both play-money and legal real-money betting are available 

● Crypto betting in BCH, BTC, BUSD, DOGE, ETH, LTC, SOL, TRX, USDC, and XMR 

● Instant liquidity for all markets, provided by an automated market maker (AMM) 

● Prediction markets like Futuur have been demonstrated to generate more accurate forecasts than alternative methods such as polling or expert analysis

Every user receives 10,000 Ooms (Futuur’s play-money currency) for free when they register. 

If you prefer to bet with real money, just deposit in the currency of your choice and start making your predictions! 

Forecasters can put their prediction abilities to the test while learning and improving based on objective, real-world feedback.

They can show off their skills to the world (and hold themselves accountable for their calls) while connecting and competing with other players for forecasting cred and to make money, of course.  

Prices on Futuur are determined entirely by market activity.  The lower the price, the more you will win if that event occurs. Based on this activity, Futuur shows the percentage likelihood of a given outcome occurring. 

All of Futuur’s markets offer instant liquidity, thanks to an AMM, an Automated Market Maker. Similar to Uniswap, for instance, Futuur’s AMM means that you can buy or sell a position instantly, at any time, with no need to wait for someone to match your offer as with a traditional exchange. 

And the best part is that, as forecasters make their trades, they are helping to generate more accurate overall predictions through the wisdom of the crowd. 

This is a really interesting scientific principle that has been reproduced in numerous studies.

The result is an ongoing, up-to-date forecast that aggregates information from across diverse perspectives and accounts for changing information over time.

Does the Futuur prediction market platform utilize any smart contracts? If not, will there be plans to integrate them into the platform?

We don't use smart contracts, maybe in the future, but we don't have plans yet.

Does Futuur have any plans to release a cryptocurrency token or blockchain-specific project?

We don't have plans for that as well. 

Is anything really off-limits when it comes to prediction market events that can be created?

We do not allow markets related to deaths.

What's in store for the future of Futuur? What should the community be looking out for?

The future of Futuur is focused on expanding the number of forecasters worldwide, aggregating data, and being a source of information about the future. 

We are in the process of adding fiat money (+50 different currencies) to unify with our cryptocurrency collection. With this improvement, we will be able to have a greater volume in the markets and a greater diversity of “tribes”.

Our goal with Futuur is to inform better decision-making by providing more accurate forecasts across the greatest breadth and depth of topics — from the macro to the micro, the global to the local, the long-term to the imminent. If you have a suggestion for questions or topics to add, let us know here

In addition, we have plans to include user-generated markets in the platform, enabling people to create their own questions and betting on their beliefs. 

Check it out, put your forecasting skills to the test, and help predict the future!

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Written by Alex Buckley

Alex is an editor at who focuses on cryptocurrency and web3 gambling.

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