Celebs X accounts keep getting hacked to promote crypto

Your social media role model’s abrupt call to arms to invest your life’s savings into an out-of-the-blue crypto project may point that they have been hacked

The instances of X accounts of famous people being hacked have increased over the past several months, with hackers looking for handles with a huge enough following and a loyal base. From Elon Musk himself to Bill Gates, there is nobody who seems to be fully secured from hackers’ run-ins.

The latest celebrity to be hacked is a person from the midst of crypto investment, with Gigantic-Cassocked-Rebirth, confirming that their X account had been hacked. GCR, as the trader is known, makes for an ideal target, because he has been known to push followers to invest in certain against-the-odds trades and investments, so anything a little more bizarre from his corner would not immediately warrant suspicion from followers who have gotten used to his more gung-ho approach to crypto investment.

GCR made a post on May 26 in which he promoted ORDI and Luna2.0, which sent the tokens up by 6% and 274% within minutes. Yet, the damage was contained as both ORDI and Luna2.0 seem to be known as untrustworthy tokens within the community, and the hacker’s approach even caused some cause of mirth.

“Bro could’ve picked ANY believable micro-cap to pump 10-20x yet chose to shill ORDI and LUNA2 for a measly 10% wick,” one crypto analyst wrote, arguing that the desire to score a profit had blinded the hacker, who otherwise technologically savvy, appeared uncouth and even rather silly when treating matters of crypto.

Yet, the attack against an influential investor and promoter could be indicative that many hackers are changing their tactics and not looking to score hacks against celebrities' accounts, whose followers are wary of crypto, but rather try to cajole actual crypto investors into making a certain investment that benefits the nefarious parties instead. The hacker behind GCR’s attack may seem to have fumbled his success significantly.

Do not count on them doing so the second time around.

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