CBC launches zero-loss lottery pool

Casino Betting Coin (CBC), the project dedicated to creating a dependable crypto currency for the global gaming market, has launched a brand-new zero-loss lottery in collaboration with PoolTogether, another innovator in the blockchain space.

PoolTogether specializes in creating no-loss prize games with a dedicated protocol that currently has more than $160m worth of cryptocurrency locked and owners competing for $200,000 every week.

CBC now invites stakeholders to lock their CBC in the platform and vie for a chance to bite a piece out of the jackpot. Presently, the first week's jackpot stands at 14,250 CBC or $1,000 at current exchange rates.

There will be two winners who will share the jackpot prize on Monday April 5. As more people begin to join in the jackpot will go up. The added benefit is that stakeholders can withdraw the CBC they have locked in at any time they wish.

Commenting on this development, CBC president Ed Brennan said: “The Casino Betting Coin team is always looking for innovative ways to create genuine utility for our fast-growing user base, and PoolTogether offers precisely that.”

Brennan continued by adding that CBC had their eye on the protocol for a while and that the no-loss solution has been something that “has captured the imagination of cryptocurrency hodlers”.

According to Brennan, CBC is a natural fit for a community pool and he felt certain that users would be thrilled to win a little more knowing that they don't have to risk their initial holdings.

This is good news for CBC as the launch of a CBC pool is the company's first prominent move into DeFi and staking as Casino Betting Coin continues to look for new applications of its token.

Previously, CBC has launched a Uniswap liquidity pool with the FUN token.

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