CasinoFair: Shamrock Riches Review

What is Shamrock Riches?

Fergus O’Fun’s Shamrock Riches marries a classic casino game, the straightforward 3×3 slot, with one of its most well-known and loved themes, the luck of the Irish, and chucks in the added value of provable fairness on the blockchain. And at first look it’s a fantastic addition to CasinoFair’s ever-growing slot portfolio.

Shamrock Riches cuts away some of the frills of its other reel-based titles, but this does not mean you’re losing out on the fun or the big wins. The three-line slot is accessible, quick to start, fast to play and easy to understand, and after just a few spins on the enchanting slot, we’re best mates with Fergus O’Fun and are loving his Gaelic charm.

The Gameplay

As with all CasinoFair titles, you, the player, and the house will commit your funds to escrow via the FunFair-powered Fate Channel. This will take you into the Shamrock Riches game knowing that you’re playing not only the fastest game on the Ethereum blockchain but that it’s guaranteed to be the fairest.

The technical work will be done behind the scenes letting you enjoy the vibrant world of Fergus O’Fun, Shamrock Riches’ protagonist, right from the get-go.

From there, it’s so simple to get started. With no complicated game rules or extravagant bonus features complicating the board, this is a case of three reels, three rows and five-win lines.

You’ll see the usual Irish paraphernalia scattered across the reels, from the leprechaun’s pot of gold, to a pint of the black stuff, as well as harps, pipes and horseshoes. Matching three of these in any on the row combinations will pay out handsome wins in CasinoFair’s version of the Irish Guinea, its proprietary gaming token FUN.

But what would an Irish-themed slot be without a shamrock along the way? In this case, much poorer. Fortunately, Fergus O’Fun has plied the game reels with the three-leaf version as a Wild symbol, swapping out for all icons except for the higher-paying feature symbols giving faster, easier access to his pot of gold.

Another welcome feature is the Wheely Bonus. Triggered by finding three keys on the reels simultaneously, and in-keeping with the slots focus on simplicity and quick wins, the bonus will take you to a wheel of fortune-esque side game with big money on offer.

The concept is simple, spin the wheel three times and take home the free prize FUN you land on. Should you land on the arrows, you’ll bounce to a higher paying wheel, and if you really have the luck of the Irish on-side, land three arrows in a row and you’ll be hitting some big numbers on the final wheel.

From start to finish, the playability and functionality is superb and we’re starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to talking about CasinoFair’s design and soundscapes, but once again they’ve reached their lofty standards with a colourful, immersive experience and some jaunty, yet very appropriate folksy backing music.


With a stripped back bonus game and lesser number of reels, Shamrock Riches boasts a very generous 97% theoretical RTP, comparing favourably with similar casino titles. The max bet is 200 FUN, which though less than other CasinoFair slots, feels adequate for this accessible title which is targeting a more casual casino enthusiast.

The judgement

There’s no shortage of craic when entering Fergus O’Fun’s world of Shamrock Riches. CasinoFair’s latest title follows a trend of simplified games showcasing their most enjoyable components, and this three-line slot delivers a serious amount of fun, and FUN for that matter. We’d heartily recommend you try your luck on it on this St. Paddy’s Day and we’ve no doubt you’ll be coming back for more.

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Written by Roman


Roman is a big crypto enthusiast and a bigger sports fan, so crypto sports betting comes as a major interest for him. Has been involved with the gambling industry since 2017 and sees crypto as a major breakthrough for the payments side, specially beyond first world countries.

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