A year since going live, CasinoFair has had an overhaul to align itself with a ‘new generation of player’. CryptoGamblingNews has taken an in-depth look at the second generation of CasinoFair and we’re pleased to see its front-end now matches its market-leading technology behind the scenes.

At launch in September 2018, CasinoFair was clearly one of the frontrunners when it came to breaking decentralised casinos to a wider audience. Using FunFair and Ethereum’s technology – which goes beyond all others in offering fairness at every step of the gaming journey – Curacao-licensed CasinoFair looked the part and most importantly, had the games to play the part.

However, just over a year on, the CasinoFair team has decided it’s time for a change, going through with a rebrand that aligns with what they call a ‘new generation of player’. At CryptoGamblingNews, we like the sound of this as it’s clear from our research that there is a separation between the old school land-based or igaming casino player and the new breed of crypto and blockchain gamblers who have different priorities.

CasinoFair, for obvious reasons, has always championed a fair treatment of its players, something which many in the traditional gaming sphere have perhaps not communicated as well, and it does this with its first class technology and the use of its FUN token (ERC-20) ecosystem which allows for instant payouts, real-time games and player control over its funds.

What this new rebrand also champions though, is what it calls ‘Unrivalled FUN’. Having improved its platform and taken on feedback, CasinoFair is now able to offer more innovative, generous promotions and social elements as part of its gaming experience, and we’ll delve into these and more in the following review.

Best games on the block

CasinoFair’s games offering is hands-down the best and most extensive of any decentralised casino. With 22 games live at time of writing, the majority of which have been built in-house and some of which are first-of-their-kind casino titles, players will be able to find something that suits them.

CasinoFair’s slots, such as Cyber Hunter 2080 and Astro Wilds, deliver an impressive 3D experience which is a welcome change to the some basic 2D titles we see across competitor casinos. Along with varied mini-games, and high and low volatility versions, CasinoFair’s range of five slots and growing sits at the core of its premium gaming experience.

It doesn’t let up when it comes to more traditional casino games either. With the likes of Roulette and Video Poker, it offers the backbone of casino content, but also offers high roller versions of Baccarat and Blackjack to accompany its standard titles. Positioning itself as the premium blockchain casino will surely attract these VIP players and they won’t be disappointed.

These VIP titles offer up to 50,000 FUN as a maximum bet, and with potential wins of well over 100,000 FUN available at other games, CasinoFair certainly offers the opportunity to win big.

CasinoFair’s Instant games will appeal to the crypto gamer, with a dice game in FunDice, Wheel of Fun: Fairground, its first wheel of fortune title, and other blockchain firsts such as virtual racing and Electrobet.

With a promise to launch around one new game each month, CasinoFair looks set to dominate the sector when it comes to individual game quality and may well set the benchmark for future casino gaming as it continues to release brand new concepts, a welcome change to the same old casino games found at traditional casinos.


The user experience

The CasinoFair rebrand saw its previous aesthetic, which perhaps appealed to a more traditional audience, swapped out for a much more vibrant look and feel which caters specifically to the progressive blockchain audience. The darker shades, pastel compliments and neon linings are easy on the eye and feel current.

Integration of the FunFair Wallet was the catalyst behind the relaunch, and it is this which is one of the most noticeable improvements on the first generation of CasinoFair. Previously, sign-up was clunky with the need for third-party KYC and wallet plug-ins and apps. These have all been thrown out with the new wallet, in favour of in-dApp iFrames.

Most importantly, the new wallet allows for gameplay across any device and any browser. Dapps have struggled for adoption across the board, with a heavy focus on desktop. With online casino gaming increasingly moving towards mobile, CasinoFair being able to offer this solution will open its potential player base up to a vast new audience.

We found this sign-up process a breeze, and it’s very welcome to receive a welcome bonus in its proprietary cryptocurrency FUN, as well as ETH (to pay gas fees), so you can get playing straight away. 2,000 FUN is unlocked at sign-up, and then following various turnover goals, you can top this up to a generous 50,000 FUN.

Once signed up, CasinoFair is easily navigable so you can find your favourite games with just a couple of clicks. Likewise, the account page is straightforward, and you always know where you stand. CasinoFair offers recommended settings, but players can also choose to use external wallets, such as MetaMask, should they wish.


CasinoFair always offers at least one promotion on top of its welcome bonus. Moon Racer has proven very popular with its community, seeing players fight it out to top the wagering leader board to increase their chances of a big payout. The leaderboard is updated regularly so players can see what needs to be done to stand a better chance of a bigger payout, and the bragging rights that come with it.

New game launches also see bespoke promotions. Its latest release, Decatron 1000, has a tournament running where the top five to wager over a ten-day period will win part of a one million FUN pot.

It’s clear that CasinoFair is building its promotions with a social element, using gamification to trigger conversations on its social channels. Many winners have gone on to become celebrated names in Telegram, for example, and despite their setup favouring those who gamble the most, even those with a few FUN in the game have a chance of the big wins.

The technology

CasinoFair is arguably the leading casino when it comes to delivering the ultimate in fair gaming. Using FunFair Technologies’ Guaranteed Fair technology, CasinoFair offers real-time gaming, rivalling any tier one casino out there.

Its own version of state channels, Fate Channels, take the gaming component off-chain, escrowing player and house funds in the process to ensure payouts are accurate, instant and guaranteed at the game end.

With CasinoFair, the player has the peace of mind that what they see is what they get, and they can monitor all transactions and gaming events in their account on game close should they want to double check.

Its wallet complements this user experience with security features that will be far more recognisable to a wider audience than crypto seed phrases, for example.

Login uses an email address and password combination, while 2-factor authorisation is used to assist with recovery and new device registration. All in, CasinoFair has positioned itself for wider adoption first, cutting much of the confusing elements of the blockchain in favour of wrapping the underlying decentralised technology in a web2.0 look and feel, and we like what we see.

Customer support

The casino is currently in English language only but the team behind the white label operation have stated that localisation is now a key priority. We can expect a rollout of further languages starting later this year which will be extremely beneficial to the user experience for players seeking quality blockchain gaming in the likes of East Asia.

In the meantime, the layout of the site should mean players can navigate without too much difficulty and should they have any issues, customer support is available 24/7 with an integrated chat tool. Likewise, there is an extensive FAQ page with numerous questions related to the use of the wallet, the gameplay and the technology.

  • Range of games 97% 97%
  • User experience 95% 95%
  • Support and trustworthiness 97% 97%
  • Bonuses 88% 88%
  • Currencies and languages 80% 80%




CasinoFair has the led the way since launch in providing the best games with the fairest underlying technology. With the latest rebrand and renewed focus on the player through promotions and functionality, it has confirmed its place as the premium blockchain casino and could be the first of its kind to take decentralised gaming to the traditional player and a much wider audience.


As with all of CasinoFair’s titles, of which there are now more than 20, Cyber Hunter 2080 delivers real-time gaming using the state-of-the-art FunFair casino platform and FUN token.

The instant gaming experience is far better than what you’d find at many other decentralised casinos where gaming events often lag as they’re verified by the blockchain. To open a game session here, there is a short wait as Cyber Hunter 2080 goes off-chain, but this is negligible considering the longevity and variety of gameplay on offer.

In our opinion, the minimal wait to open and close a session is a price worth paying to ensure not just the real-time experience in-game, but also the Guaranteed Fair technology the game uses, allowing for instant payouts, guaranteed winnings and provably fair randomness.

This is all just complementary to the first-class gaming experience though. Cyber Hunter 2080 comes alive as soon as you enter the futuristic world of the game board. Pulsing neon lights, mysterious 3D game characters and a Hollywood-esque soundtrack all come together to immerse you into this sinister world of tomorrow.

The slot itself does not disappoint. With 20-paylines to win on, four high-paying and eight low-paying symbols, as well as enhanced reels, players could be in for a big payday. Seek out the Wild police shield, driving up payouts which, as with all CasinoFair games, can be withdrawn instantly on game end.

Cyber Hunter 2080 looks and plays just like any of the best slot titles at traditional online casinos, and like them, it offers additional features that allow the player to enjoy it as they want to. Autospin allows players to run the game for 100 consecutive spins, Quick Play mode fast tracks the slot visuals, allowing for quicker, faster wins, while you can choose whether to toggle sound effects and music on or off, although we’d suggest leaving them on for maximum effect.

Bonus features

Where Cyber Hunter 2080 excels and takes it beyond other slot offerings at other decentralised casinos is the additional bonus features and mini-games.

The Free Spins feature kicks in after finding three Energy Canisters on the reels. The round runs through a series of ten risk-free spins with bigger payouts than even the standard game with only top paying symbols revealed. It’s not rare either, we lucked out a few times in our test and it was very welcome in topping up our FUN balance.

Unique to this slot is the Hunter Bonus. On locating three drone symbols during the Free Spins round, players will be transformed to the city map where they’ll deploy these drones to hunt down data caches free FUN. With an equal chance of hitting a high and low payout city zone, thousands in FUN can be paid out on top of the winnings from the free spins.

These two features are huge complements to the fast-paced Cyber Hunter 2080 game, keeping it fresh and profitable, ensuring boredom never creeps in.


With 20 lines to play and a max stake of 15 FUN per line, the biggest individual win outside of features can be found by hunting down the Wild police shield across all five columns, paying out 1,000 times for 15,000 FUN. Including bonus features, it’s claimed that up to 2,500 times stake can be paid out in FUN, while the theoretical percentage return to player is a generous 95%, much higher than land-based casino slots and a significant proportion of online slots.

The judgement

 Cyber Hunter 2080 might drag players into a dark, futuristic world but it’s definitely not all doom and gloom as the genre often suggests. Instead, CasinoFair players will find this slot one of the most immersive around. With fantastic graphics and soundtrack, and huge wins on offer in the varied bonus games, they’re sure to find an enjoyable experience that will keep them coming back time and again.

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