FunFair-powered decentralised casino CasinoFair has launched a real-time referral and affiliate program as it looks to substantially increase its user base.

The referral program will likely appeal to online casino affiliates as it offers real-time payments and complete transparency.

Affiliate marketing is one of the key ways online casinos acquire new players, with the casino traditionally paying the affiliate a share of the revenues generated by the players they send to the website.

But these payments are often slow and hard to verify; CasinoFair are betting that their FunFair-powered program will hold greater appeal.

“We’re truly excited to launch this groundbreaking new affiliate technology which we see as the future of affiliate partnerships,” said Lloyd Purser, MD of CasinoFair.

The move comes as the FunFair platform works towards streamlining its onboarding process to make it easier for new players to sign up for its casinos.

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