CasinoFair: Legend of the Ninja Review

Legend of the Ninja will treat CasinoFair players to a “battle for the future against the robotic Shogan Overlord's army.” And this battle looks epic going off our first few plays.

The Ethereum-based casino has successfully partnered once again with its platform and games supplier FunFair Technologies and brought something brand new to the table, changing the rules of what a casino title can, and should, look like.

And for those playing over the next few days, CasinoFair has launched a major jackpot promotion which will see 2% of all wagered FUN on Legend of the Ninja paid out to one lucky winner

Knockout concept

Legend of the Ninja has a simple game play premise, in that you choose a fighter and choose a fighting action to defeat your opponent and win big FUN prizes, in just a few clicks. However, as with all of CasinoFair's titles, the instant win, easy-to-understand nature is backed up by killer graphics and engaging game modes to keep you enjoying it for longer.

This arcade-inspired title – think Street Fighter but in casino form – firstly immerses you into the future game world where you'll be tasked to pick your fighting mode. This could be the survival format, where you hold your nerve to beat a succession of increasingly stronger opponents, or individual round fights with quicker payouts but lower wins, or finally ‘Shogun' mode, where you must take the robot down in each round, no ties allowed.

Players can pick between female Yui or the male ninja Hiro to take on the Overlord's henchman, with staking allowed up to 8,000 FUN before you enter the ring. And this is where the real rock-paper-scissors fun comes in.

High attacks beat low attacks, low beats middle, middle beats high. It's that simple. Channel your inner ninja spirit and make the right move to knock your opponent out and you'll be in the money.

Heavyweight payouts

Payouts range in the different modes, with the survival mode dropping a potential 114x your FUN wager, whereas the ‘Ninja' single fight mode has more of a heads or tails format, while Shogun could win you over 23 times your stake.

As ever, we're already impressed with this top quality, pioneering CasinoFair title. Not only does it bring the casino game tension as you choose your next move, but it taps into a game world that will resonate with so many lovers of the retro arcade fighting games, not to mention the growing legions of crypto players looking for instant wins in a quality casino environment.

Put it this way, Legend of the Ninja has knocked us out and we're fairly sure its army of crypto-ninjas will take to it as well.

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Written by Tudor

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