CasinoFair launches personalised avatars

Allowing players to choose their own digital alter-egos is part of the casino's attempt to build a more immersive gaming experience. CasinoFair will hope that the new option adds an extra layer to gameplay, as well as the cosmetic benefits that players will enjoy.

In the past, CasinoFair has been successful with individual promotions, such as MoonRacer, but with the new avatars, these will become more personalised, allowing consumers to have a more tangible, competitive experience.

The avatars are also a boost to security, with ETH addresses now completely concealed on-site, with usernames and images used instead. Although this wasn’t a major threat before, obfuscating and hiding ETH addresses is a good move forward.

CasinoFair also wanted to create a more visually appealing product and one way to do that was precisely through the use of stylised avatars, as opposed to simple wallet keys part-listed in public.

The blockchain casino believes that competition will improve significantly as a result of the avatars' introduction. Adding an avatar is simple enough, and CasinoFair has already put together a very detailed and useful guide you can watch on YouTube.

But, the introduction of avatars is just “step one” as CasinoFair has been keen to reiterate. Far more importantly, users can now take on the exciting leaderboard competitions introduced by CasinoFair without the need to go through an additional sign-up hassle.

Once you have the avatar selected, you can join into the fray. CasinoFair is just one of the casinos supported by FunFair Technologies, others include CasinoFair-JP, Crypto Casino, and KingTiger.

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Written by Tudor

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