In the latest of our CasinoFair game reviews, we take a look at their newest title and yet-another blockchain first, Keno Kong.

Keno Kong, as its name would suggest is CasinoFair’s first of the Keno-genre, and although popular around the world, its success hasn’t yet translated to the crypto-gambling audience or to any blockchain casinos as far as we’re aware.

Keno takes from the best of lottery and bingo; both easily understood games that resonate with a vast audience. Keno differs from these in that it’s a solo game played against the house, rather than a pool of other players and therefore can be played whenever you want.

In this version that follows the classic rules, players can pick from between three and 10 numbers from the 80 available, and then the more numbers matched, the bigger the wins in FUN. It’s simple, exciting and the tension builds throughout as you wait for that last number to match and the winnings to roll in.


CasinoFair’s Keno Kong takes a cartoony approach to bringing to life the legend of King Kong, immersing players in a high-rise, art deco city seemingly under attack by a giant gorilla. And with Keno being heavily numbers based, we appreciate how they’ve brought some vibrancy to it with a bright colour scheme and playful animation.

You’ll be greeted with helpful instructions when opening the game for those that want more information, but as with CasinoFair’s other titles, it’s very intuitive and easy to pick up within a few seconds. Play buttons are clearly marked, the user interface is slick and potential wins are easy to understand.

Crypto Gambling News enjoyed the risk-reward element and we liked altering our strategy as we went along. Those that want to play for the mega FUN wins can choose their 10 lucky numbers – or use ‘Quick Pick’ if they want a random selection – and aim for the 1000x payout and a full house or the various denominations below.

We preferred picking around five to six numbers for more consistent wins, but the choice is there and if you’re feeling lucky, you’ll know what to do. Superstition can come into play too with a hot and cold number grid is also useful to know what might be coming next or which numbers to avoid.

Keno Kong also offers additional game options for those wanting to customise their keno experience. ‘Autoplay’ is useful if you want to keep ticking the same numbers over, while ‘Quick play’ skips the draw and goes straight to the outcome for those wanting an immediate result, something we’re sure will resonate with crypto gamblers coming from dice games and the like.


The minimum bet is 100 FUN and the max is 1,000 FUN. These may not be VIP stakes but with the potential wins on offer and the guaranteed payouts that the platform offers, it’s nothing to be sniffed at.

Picking three numbers, you’re in for a 48x times win if all are matched, while as mentioned earlier, if you go for the full 10, 1000x is on offer for a max payout in 1,000,000 FUN. This grades down to half a million for nine matches and a very generous 100,000 FUN for seven picks.

The judgement

CasinoFair has done it again in releasing a brand-new game format for the blockchain. Crypto Gambling News can see Keno Kong being a big hit with various gamer types; those wanting the old school lottery format or those wanting quick, big wins as we often see with crypto gamblers.

Keno is here to stay, and it looks like Keno Kong will be the king for some time yet.

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