CasinoFair EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with MD Lloyd Purser

Firstly, congratulations on CasinoFair’s successful rebrand last month. How significant was this task for the development team and why did you see the need to reshape the user experience?

Thanks, we were very excited to get this update live after putting so much time into its planning and development across both the CasinoFair and FunFair teams.

Since launching last September, we’ve become aware of many behavioural differences and unique demands when it comes to the blockchain gambler and because of this, we wanted to reshape our front-end to provide them with the ultimate experience.

We have a far greater proportion of millennial, male players than the average fiat casino and they like different games, different bonuses and a more instant, fairer gaming experience. To service these demands, we firstly envisaged a rebrand that would suit this progressive market over the more traditional casino demographic who are already well-serviced elsewhere.

We are blockchain first, and yes, we want to open our casino up to all players looking for a better gaming experience, but our current demographic is our priority and we’re pleased with the feedback so far on the new look and feel, and platform improvements.

That definitely rings true with our experience in the crypto-gaming space. To coincide with the rebrand, you also pushed the FunFair Wallet live. How has the launch gone and can you clarify the purpose of going into wallet development?

It’s been very smooth. Building a pioneering, ‘any device, any browser’ wallet is a massive task and it’s a testament to the team that its progression through development, showcase and now to our CasinoFair players has gone as well as it could have. Getting this to market has been a major goal over the past half year with it being pivotal as a key part of the wider jigsaw that will help us drive further adoption.

The wallet has been built solely for the purpose of playing at FunFair-powered casinos such as ours. It drastically cuts the time and knowledge it takes to register and to fund an account, while it also brings recognisable sign-in and recovery features that remove much of the complexity of blockchain security.

A few weeks later and we’ve seen it as a huge benefit to acquisition. Existing and new players alike have given almost exclusively positive feedback on its usability and with further improvements and third-party integrations to come, we’re very optimistic about solving the blockchain onboarding problem once and for all.

With that out the way, the games roadmap looks to be back on track with the recent release of Decatron 1000 and The Great Cheese Heist. Do you expect to push games out at the current rate and what can we expect on the horizon?
We’re very proud of our growing games portfolio and I honestly think it’s the best out there in the blockchain casino space. Only our tech allows for a gaming experience that rivals those at traditional casinos, except with instant payouts and Guaranteed Fair outcomes.

CasinoFair wants to offer games that not only chime well with long-standing casino gamblers, but also those who want a more instantaneous, crypto-inspired and creative participation, just as The Great Cheese Heist offers, and there’s many more titles like it to come.

We try to release minimum one game each month, depending on other development dependencies, and we expect this to continue for a good time yet. Having seen some of the games in development, as well as some community and staff sourced concepts that we’re currently doing feasibility studies on, players should expect more first-of-their-kinds to confirm our ‘best games on the block’ reputation.

In the coming months, we’ll have our first Keno title live, a Cho Han launch in partnership with Blue Wave Gaming and a simplified slot concept, also third-party. So there’s a lot to look forward to and even more to come next year.

And we hear that you’ll have more crypto-to-crypto swaps integrated on-site soon. How will this look?

Straightforward crypto funding is crucial to an easy onboarding experience and it’s a priority of ours now that we have the functionality of the FunFair Wallet. Ensuring FUN is readily available at exchanges and crypto-wallets is key, but we’re also looking at ways of bringing third-party tools directly into our wallet.

The next step is for players to come to CasinoFair with any one of many supported cryptocurrencies and have an exchange tool integrated in the front-end to simplify any conversion to FUN. We expect to share more on how this will look and confirm third-party partners in the coming weeks.

Once this is operable, we’ll then progress to integrating fiat-to-crypto swaps, potentially with card payments, which will abolish one of the main hurdles in onboarding traditional casino players who want to experience the superior smart-contract benefits of CasinoFair.

We’re excited to see that in action. Finally, is there anything else you’d like to add on CasinoFair’s current offering and upcoming news?

On the back of our rebrand and ramped up focus on the player, we’re currently reviewing our bonus and campaign structures based on community feedback. We want to keep players coming back for more with ongoing, generous FUN competitions, so expect tweaks to our current offering and brand new campaign concepts in the upcoming weeks.

We also expect to have localisation live this quarter. We’ll start with one country, master the requirements of that and then move on rapidly to further languages in 2020.

It’s an exciting time to be a CasinoFair player and with so much more to come, we’d encourage anyone interested in the future of casino gaming to sign up now and reap the benefits of our Guaranteed Fair technology, free FUN and pioneering wallet.

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Written by Roman


Roman is a big crypto enthusiast and a bigger sports fan, so crypto sports betting comes as a major interest for him. Has been involved with the gambling industry since 2017 and sees crypto as a major breakthrough for the payments side, specially beyond first world countries.

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