CasinoFair Double Up Challenge: Part 5

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The CasinoFair Double Up Challenge started with a simple goal: turn a 20,000 $FUN bankroll into a 40,000 $FUN bankroll.

Along the way, we’ve had all sorts of ups and downs.

There was the memorable 7,000 $FUN win off a 400 $FUN spin on Astro Wilds.

But there was also the soul-crushing 1-in-50 run which saw us go 13 spins of the Wheel of Fun without hitting our numbers.

While the journey has been a great experience – giving the team the chance to try out some of the world’s best blockchain casino games – we were not close to our goal.

In fact, after four sessions, our bankroll stood at 10,408 $FUN.

It was time to make good on our ‘Double Up’ pledge, or at least go down fighting.

As the premier portal for crypto gambling news, it made sense for us to return to a crypto classic for the final showdown.

Fun Dice is one of the best dice games about.

It has a stripped back yet futuristic theme, and a simple UI which makes it easy to play. And of course, all results are Guaranteed Fair.

Even better, the payout on a successful 10 $FUN ‘coin flip’ wager is 19.60 $FUN, meaning a great return-to-player.

Our Double Challenge had come down to this.

Two spins of Fun Dice. If we could land them both, we’d have succeeded.

The first wager was just about our entire bankroll: 10,000 $FUN.

It was far and away the largest bet we had placed for this entire challenge.

We took a deep breath, and selected the ‘over’.

No dice.

As any good gambler knows, you can’t win them all.

It was a blow, and it meant our attempt to Double Up our $FUN bankroll hadn’t succeeded.

But we couldn’t complain too much.

We’d enjoyed a wide range of fantastic games from CasinoFair along the way.

And it was great to know that we’d lost fair and square, with no underhand shenanigans. We could check the result of all of our wagers on the blockchain.

So, our Double Up journey had come to an end.

Unsuccessful, this time, but with 408 $FUN still sat in our account, perhaps another attempt isn’t far off…

And remember, please gamble responsibly only with money you can afford to lose.

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Written by David


David is co-founder of, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.

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