CasinoFair ‘Double Up’ Challenge: Part 1

FunFair-powered CasinoFair has long been the number one choice among blockchain gamblers.

More than 5,000 players have already tried their luck at the popular casino, spending a combined 1.6 billion $FUN, according to data from, and the team thought it was time to join the fun.

So we set ourselves a little challenge. Could we double our starting, 20,000 $FUN bankroll playing some of the popular slots and tables games available at CasinoFair?

To begin with, we took a look at funstats to see which games are returning the most at the moment.

casinofair challenge

The great thing about FunFair-powered casinos, compared to traditional online casinos, is the transparency.

With all bets tracked on the blockchain and publicly available, you are not only guaranteed a fair experience, you can check for yourself that everything is legit.

Funstats does a great job presenting some of this data. We noticed that the recent release The Getaways was paying out an impressive 1.425 RTP (return to player) over the past few days. That means that for every 100 $FUN wagered on the game, players were receiving 142.50 $FUN back.

Of course, past results are no guarantee of what might happen next, but it seemed a good omen.

As with any gambling challenge, good bankroll management is critical.

We wagered 200 $FUN per ‘spin’ (each game round on The Getaways in fact challenges the player to pick five safehouses for a criminal gang. The more that complete their getaway, the greater your prize).

Our first rounds were not too encouraging. Despite a couple of small wins, we soon saw our bankroll whittled down to 18,000 $FUN.

But then four of our five gangsters successfully evaded the police, landing us a big win of 3,120 $FUN. We took that as a good moment to pause the session and evaluate where we were standing.

The great thing about CasinoFair and other FunFair-powered casinos is that you can check that every single has been fair. We took a quick look at our big win, which was successfully validated on the blockchain by FunFair’s smart contract. As expected, everything was in order!

We also had the chance to overlook our session. We’d wagered a total of 5,000 $FUN over 25 bets, for a session profit of 640 $FUN, leaving our bankroll at 20,640 $FUN

Still a way off our target of 40,000 $FUN, but not a bad start at all.

Check in on Monday for part two of our 20,000 $FUN Double Up Challenge, and remember, always gamble responsibly and only with money you can afford to lose.

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Written by David


David is co-founder of, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.

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