CasinoCoin has hailed the successful integration of its technology into the internal systems of Cammegh as a landmark moment for blockchain within the casino sector.

In a statement, Cammegh, the world’s leading roulette wheel manufacturer, announced that it had completed the first phase of its plan to integrate the CasinoCoin blockchain into its internal system and leverage its bespoke Cammegh Token for all service and maintenance schedules, as well as associated payments.

And talking to after announcement, John Caldwell, director of advocacy for the CasinoCoin Foundation, said the roll out would show the global casino industry the tangible benefits blockchain can bring businesses.

“This is the first, real-world use case of blockchain technology on the casino floor. By integrating the CasinoCoin blockchain into internal systems, Cammegh’s operators now enjoy improved data verification and fraud protection,” Caldwell said.

“Blockchain technology, and particularly CasinoCoin, is now helping forward-looking business across fields including data management and loyalty programmes. The future has arrived.”

Richard Cammegh, managing director of Cammegh, said the integration was a “first step but a crucial one”.

“The blockchain could not be a better vehicle to service the gaming industry’s need for ever more accountability and traceability, while enabling Cammegh to supply our customers with more diverse products in a global market, across varied jurisdictions in differing currencies,” he said.

“We are fortunate to have teamed up with the CasinoCoin Foundation, who’s blockchain technology and global understanding of the gaming industry will help deliver the products and a level of service the industry and regulators will demand in the future.”

$CSC is trading up around 70 percent this week, for a market cap of about $14 million.

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