CasinoBeats’ 100 Clubs support Twitch ban

Underage exposure and gambling beyond one’s means given as reasons the ban was required.

CasinoBeats’ 100 Club members have responded positively to Twitch’s decision to selectively ban gambling streams.

Most of the reactions were positive. It seems the ban’s negative effect on the industry is only for the short-term.

CasinoBeats’ article cited Michael Pedersen, chief commercial officer at Livespins, who said that while it hurts to see something generating so much interest shut down suddenly, sustainability should be a priority.

He was supportive of the ban and showed optimism for the future, as Livespins’ interests are aligned, and it strives to “innovate responsibly”.

Raphael Di Guisto, founder at Silverback Gaming, also agreed with Twitch’s decision, and even said that it might have come a little too late.

He praised Twitch, outlining how successful it was in creating a community surrounding online casinos and players. However, going back to the possibility of it making the move too late, he also mentioned some of the problems that led to the situation, such as underage exposure, gambling beyond one’s means and more.

Twitch was forced to stop displaying content from sites such as, and all others, that are not regulated in the US or “other jurisdictions that provide sufficient consumer protection”.

One of the most important developments that Twitch’s decision led to, was that it showed how powerful affiliate marketing and working influencers can be.

One of, if not the most, popular Twitch casino streamers was Drake, who donated $1m in Bitcoin to the viewers of his stream.

He actually lost $20m on roulette during the same stream but given his financial situation, that’s probably not as much of a big deal as it would be for most people.

So, while the ban was making numerous headlines, some of which were heavily skewed to one extreme or the other, it seems its consequences can be regarded – in the end – as mostly positive. Sustainability is key, and the industry has proven time and time again that it’s adaptable.

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Written by Kyamil Nasuf


Kyamil is a big tech fan, who loves hummus on everything and has enjoyed writing from a young age. He's had experience in writing anything from essays, through personal art, to news pieces and more serious tech analysis. In recent years he’s found fintech and gambling collide with all his interests, so he truly is a great fit to our team.

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