WINk Review (2020): TRON betting at its best

A successful casino rebrand always goes down well with us, so wanted to take a closer look in this WINk review.

And it's even more exciting when the new casino builds on one of the best TRON casinos around, TRONbet. was reborn in 2019 after a swift, but effective update of the TRON-based platform and we like what we see.

With a user-friendly, straightforward layout that entices you immediately, you'll be enjoying one of the best TRX casinos around in virtually no time at all. These include ‘E-gaming' classics, a quality poker offering, live casino room and recently launched sports betting product. It's fair to say that in terms of content, is not lacking.

The games are just the start. So, with various languages available from Chinese to Portuguese, loads of chances to win crypto bonuses, a unique mining platform, and live, engaging social features, WINk delivers a fully-rounded blockchain casino experience.

As you'd expect from one of the most well-supported blockchains and casinos around, WINk goes above and beyond in every area of its crypto gaming and sports betting offering. It's simple to use and makes it easy for those who use cryptocurrency, as well as those who are new to the future of gaming. Players can play and win with multiple currencies, including TRON (TRX), its proprietary token WIN, and BitTorrent (BTT), as well as other game specific and mining tokens.

So let's have a look at in-depth and see what makes it not just one of the best TRON casinos but also one of the best cryptocurrency casinos.




When we reviewed WINk, the platform was split into four sub-categories of game type or dApps. These were “E-gaming”, “Live”, “Sports betting” and “Poker”. Most crypto casinos we've seen tend to offer some of these, but rarely not all of them. So, finding one that does have all four at a quality which WINk does is a welcome surprise and fortunately, they all met our expectations.It's own titles sit under E-gaming and these are the crypto classics that have become so popular in recent years. You'll find the likes of Dice, Moon, Ring and Duel here. In the live dealer section, you'll find your usual third-party provided slots and table games, so head straight there if you're looking for your fix of roulette, baccarat and the likes. For poker fans, you'll be serviced with its Rake poker platform, and it's recently launched sports betting product features a comprehensive sportsbook and virtual sports titles.

Navigating the site is a doddle. As previously mentioned, the platform is built with simplicity first which means you don't have to jump through hoops to find the betting opportunities you want. You'll find the different verticals clearly and accurately labelled. The site's aesthetics is generally pleasing, with a slightly more youthful touch than many other traditional casinos, and this ties in well with the audience they're looking for.

One thing we also enjoyed was the multi-window option found in E-gaming. If one game at once isn't enough for you, you can now play two at once, side by side. This could land you double the TRON winnings and twice the fun, with little additional effort.


The cryptocurrency gambling community have really made their tastes known as blockchain gaming has boomed. This has meant the rise of simple, quick win games rather than perhaps, complicated, multi-level slot titles that traditional gamers may enjoy. So, it's no surprise to see WINk serving its audience with a quality array of stripped back titles that give the players the speed, big wins and social elements that they crave.

Arguably the most popular of the bunch if you look at the live betting tracker is DICE. The premise is simple, pick a number up to 99 and decide whether you want to bet on a dice roll to land over or under that total. Fancy a big TRX win, then slim down your win chance with a tricky prediction, or keep the winnings coming in with a bet that's likely to keep on landing.

It may sound simple, but that's because it is. The layout is so easy to understand but it keeps you engaged with the live tracker showing recent payouts and lucky numbers, while you can also swap easily between TRX, BTT and WIN with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. And if you want bigger crypto wins, use the ‘Auto' tool, sit back and watch the dice roll and keep an eye on your rising balance.

Crypto classics

If DICE isn't your thing, then maybe MOON will be. The premise here is simple, hold your nerve until you've won, or lost, a bag of crypto. The longer you hold your nerve for in aiming ‘to the moon', the bigger your stake will be multiplied by. As with DICE, jump out early and take your small crypto win, or go for multipliers of five, 10 or even 20 times your stake and get rolling in TRON winnings.

RING and DUEL complete WINk's E-gaming section. These have similarities to roulette, albeit you'll be staking on a colour rather than a number. Yes, it's stripped back, but it's faster than traditional roulette and in our opinion, keeps you engaged for far longer with a variety of bet options and social interactions. DUEL even lets you challenge groups of up to three other players, with the winning better over the challenge taking home the pool of WIN or whichever cryptocurrency was put on the table.

All the above games utilise smart contracts on the blockchain. This means that bets can be checked with its ‘Provably Fair Betting' checker which allows you to input various seeds which then mix with a randomly generated smart contract seed to form a ‘LUCKY' number. Players can therefore have the peace of mind that their bets have been time-stamped and hashed onto a transparent blockchain database, rather than trusting in a casino that may not be acting in the player's best interests.


Live is where you'll find your more traditional casino environment. Traditional players are leaving their fiat casinos to play at blockchain casinos in their droves so they can experience these types of games with the added fairness of decentralised technology, and they won't be dissapointed at WINk.

In Slots, you'll find upwards of 300 video slots from some of the best game developers around. These include standouts such as NetEnt's Starburst, Platipus Gaming's Jade Valley, and Betsoft's Boomanji. Whatever genre or style of game you're looking for, this TRON casino will almost certainly have it in stock, and likely many more that you've not even encountered before.

Table Games

Table Games has less content but certainly enough draw for those wanting some quality, real-life casino experiences. At time of writing, WINk was offering In Between Poker, Andar Bahar, High Hand Hold'em Poker, Texas Hold'em, Sic Bo and Russian Poker, all playable in a variety of cryptocurrencies and with the full dealer experience to keep you entertained. carries the live dealer experience through to its more conventional table game department, which is aptly named Live. Here you'll find classics such as live dealer roulette and baccarat, but also more novelty titles such as Deal Or No Deal Live or Monopoly Live. These latter two have both been supplied by big-hitter Evolution Gaming and we thought they were a a great asset to an already first-rate crypto casino.


WINk's Sports content is arguably where it sets itself apart from other crypto casino operators. Yes, the majority of players will be looking to play slots and table games, but we think a quality sports offering is vital to bringing longevity to a premium casino. The sportsbook looks smart, plays well and has a good number of events, both pre-match and in-play. Whatever your sport, you'll almost certainly find it. Esports is there, along with the major global events in Football, Cricket and Golf.

When we tried out the sportsbook for ourselves we were very aware of crypto sports betting struggles with content in the COVID-19 environment. However, WINk certainly didn't seem to be struggling. It had numerous virtual sports to supplement content, as well as a number of esports to replace live football, including FIFA 18 and NBA 2K19 leagues.


Poker is a huge asset, so we took a look at the offering in this WINk review. Coming out of beta last year, players can now play nine and six player tables, as well as head-up formats for those looking for quick play. It seems popular looking at the number of tables with live action, so those looking for a crypto poker session shouldn't be disappointing. Poker also comes with the additional bonus of the RAKE token which can be mined while playing. Each stake earns a reward in RAKE, while winning the pot will also bag bonus RAKE on top of the mining grant.


As with any premium blockchain casino, WINk isn't found lacking when it comes to bonuses, payouts and promotions. Although it doesn't prioritise the likes of welcome package, free spins and cashbacks as more traditional casinos do. This is partly because of the limits of provably fair blockchain transactions, it does give a lot back to players in terms of mining rewards. Mining cashdrops is arguably where TRON blockchain casinos stand out from the crowd, paying out regular bonuses to players who freeze their tokens on-site or play games with mining rewards.WINk splits these ‘drops' into its individual tokens used on site; WIN, DICE, LIVE and RAKE. Should you wish to freeze any of these that you own, you'll be paid out at regular intervals, either daily or weekly. When we looked, there was a minimum of 100 WIN required to freeze or unfreeze, with 529,191 TRX ready to be paid out among those who have done so. This was supplemented by a further 370,813 in BTT and 915 in USDT.

If you follow any of the WINk community on Twitter or in forums, you will have seen the evangelists who are repeatedly raking in the equivalent of hundreds of dollars in TRON each week, and it's not hard to do so. Plugging your funds into the freeze is fairly simple, whereas mining game rewards is also not complicated, so if you want to maximise your gaming time, why not have a go now?


As with other crypto casinos, referring your friends and online contacts also pays well. Players currently recieve lifetime rewards for sending players towards WINk and these amount to 0.2% of all their winnings. Once you've referred, there's no hassle. All payments will be sent through smart contracts so you know the rewards are correct, and the link is easily sharable from your profile.


As with all TRON dApps, you're going to need to download a couple of extensions first. Firstly, make sure you have a TronLink wallet. This will assist you with funding, withdrawing and earning all things TRON and its associated TRC tokens. Once you've got this, you can go about sourcing your TRX, WIN, USDT, or whichever token you wish to play with. You can also utilise the Scatter Desktop app or Guild Wallet to gain access, and these are all interchangeable on every casino page.And that's that. Once your wallet is setup and you have funds in it, you can get playing on any game on-site.

It's important to note though that WINk does not currently geo-block certain jurisdictions that may have made crypto gambling or all gambling illegal. The site suggests that you should click on anything related to these activities if you are in one of these locations. Likewise, it states you must be 21 years of age so be sure to double check for all these requirements. Effectively, it sits with the player to decide whether they're allowed to game at WINk.


Customer support is sufficient because of its quality but also the simplicity of registration and layout of the site. Your main port of call will be clicking on the ‘Users Feedback' button at the bottom right of the page. Here you'll be able to send requests in via a Google form on a number of listed areas. However, one key asset that the TRON blockchain has, and WINk in particular, is its community spirit. There's hundreds, if not thousands, of TRON users out there willing to push the blockchain. And should you have any technical issues, we're confident they'll be there to help.


The TRON blockchain network is legitimate and reputable in terms of its security measures. It matches the likes of Ethereum casinos in terms of its immutable nature and with the aid of smart contracts, players can be sure that what they're witnessing is as it should be. But, as an ambitious casino, has also sought out licensing via Curaçao, as many other blockchain casinos also have. Blockchain casinos currently have a major challenge when it comes to getting reputable licences in the gaming space, but Curaçao sits near the top of the pile for the moment.We'd always advise our community to check security via personal due diligence. Not all blockchain casinos are created equal, or fair. Therefore, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. We can vouch for WINk's reputation and we'd expect it to treat all players with respect and in the spirit of cryptocurrency fairness. However, before you start playing, why not have a look around the site first and get accustomed to it, before diving into its quality games.


WINk's player-first focus means it communicates regularly across its social channels and also updates a regular roadmap. And players should be excited about what's to come later in 2020. From Q3 onwards, here's what WINk gamblers can expect:

  • Gambling licence additions
  • Binary trading options
  • More gaming providers
  • Achievements and daily casino promotions
  • New games
  • FIAT onboarding
  • Land-based casino partnerships

We're looking forward to binary trading options, more games and particularly fiat onboarding which will open its player base up to thousands more. And although, there's no details yet on what these land-based partnerships might be, its certainly intriguing and unique for a blockchain casino marketing strategy.

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