Canada mothballs sports betting legalisation

While the country was somewhat successful with the introduction of an optimistic Bill C-221, no follow-up developments ensued. In fact, Canada’s Parliament decided to put the issue on the back-burner and address other economic threats.

In the United States, some lawmakers have argued there is a correlation between alleviating economic hardship and allowing sports betting, particularly in the sense that legal sports betting can contribute a significant amount to the retirement funds of public servants.

The Safe & Regulated Sports Act has had a single reading, but it has been mothballed since to the point it's now a non-starter in the country. However, more supporters have emerged, including the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA).

Even then, there have been particular calls to put Bill C-221 on the agenda, meaning Canadians will most likely have to stick with offshore betting and gambling options. The situation is no different than with most blockchain gaming, which deserves more regulatory clarity.

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